AWD #483: A Frank Exchange of Views
A Frank Exchange of Views
Summary: Toby corners Knox at a quiet moment
Date: 17/10/2016
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Observation Deck - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the ship where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with the rest of service in the fleet. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and sealing it tight.
AWD #483

Cooper's promotion means he's doing a little more paperwork, including take for the platoon. It also means he's been afforded time out of each day to schedule for the paperwork. The last week or so he's been staking out the Observation Deck, sitting near the back, and listening to music on earbuds. He's mostly going about his business with a couple folders and small satchel with more. Out of date performance reviews or something equally critical to human life. He seems like he isn't opposed to being interrupted.

If Knox has been paying attention, then for the last week or so he might have noticed that he's been being watched, on and off, but watched none-the-less. Now, with the observation deck more or less deserted, Toby finally makes his move. His target is here, there's no one to pry or interupt them, and he can get down to the matter at hand. Having already drawn a circle with a dot in the middle on a scrap piece of paper he makes his way over to the skinjob in a manner which he hopes will be sufficent to allow the headphones to mask his appraoch, drops the sketch ontop of whatever paperwork it is the marine is doing, then folds his arm across his chest and waits. It's fair to say that Knox is watched like a hawk for his reaction.

Coop doesn't see any of it cocming. He's dotting the T's on a transfer order and finishing it out, getting ready to pull another folder. The drop of the sketchbook gets a jump from him and he tears out the earbuds. The startled expression is redoubled as he see's who it is. The immediate urge is to throw punches and GTFO on the double. Toby might have a gun. …But there's a sketchbook dropped. He stares at the knuckledragger, then a glance to the book, then back. "The frak, man? I'm not looking for a fight."

Toby is in his off-duties, but with a baggy Tauran Bulls shirt over the top, so he could conceivably be armed, he makes no move to draw a weapon though. Yet. Neither backing up, nor unfolding his arms he reply simply, almost but not quite deadpan, "shame." Then, he jerks his chin up a fraction as if to indicate the sketch and says, equally flatly, "that symbol, what do you know of it?"

Knox looks at Toby through lidded eyes. "I thought we had an understanding. You don't approach me, I don't approach you, nobody tries to kill each other." At least he tries. The other Marines it hasn't worked out so well for. But there's attention to the symbol and Knox lifts his arm a bit to look at it. "Uh, yeah, I've seen it before but not anyplace I can put my finger on." His brows knit, eyes on it. "I don't- I'm not sure where but I've seen it."

"I don't recall any such understanding," Toby replies, tone unchanged, but he still doesn't move his arms, so that's probably a positive sign. He makes no other comment for a while though, almsot as if he's expecting Knox to add more to his reply, but once the silence has dragged out to the point where it's clear more promptng is needed he adds, "Captain al Yamoha has a derivitive of it as her rank patch." He could prompt more, and he does consider doing so, but for now he wants to see what knox comes up with himself, rather than start giving the marine words.

Knox looks back and up at the decline of understanding. The guy looks like he might say something and ends up just shaking his head and looking back to the paper. The prompt has his face turn to a frown. "And I've heard she's a Five or looks just like one." But there's a surprising lack of judgment there, just a statement of fact. "Yeah, I think the way I've seen this used is more military but I'm afraid I've never met the Captain." He pushes it back a little as if looking at it with a new perspective. "Maybe not military. Maybe. I think- respect? Reverence? That might be a better word. I wasn't aware anyone had used it as a rank patch before. At least, not consciously." He looks back up to Toby. "What're you getting at?" he asks curiously.

"I've heard the same," Toby admits, almost reluctantly, then, perhaps as a reward for Knox's answers, takes a fraction of a step backwards so he isn't quiet so much right up in his personal space. He takes his time considering how to respond the the question posed though, how much to show his hand. In the end he offers a level, "I spoke with her, down on P. She had an interesting tale to tell about a man who wrestled a bull. That symbol is linked somehow, I'm interested to see if you know why." All technically true, although there is about as much obsfucation in there as he reckons he can get away with while still tempting Knox to answer.

Cooper sits back in the chair, relaxing a bit as it becomes more apparent this is a discussion, not a ruse. He looks back at the symbol, lifting the sketchbook as he looks at it. A lot of people Coop knows have spoken to al Yamoha, but this is the first time he's heard the bull story and that's clear by the confusion on his face. The look back is quick. "That's- wait. That's Mithrain, right? One of the monotheistic beliefs?" Again, no judgment with it, just trying to puzzle it out. "Why would a three thousand year old model Five know anything about that? …Why?" Ten thousand why's just spring into his mind.

Toby inclines his head just a fraction to indicate that Knox has correctly identified the 'human' end of the puzzel. The marine should be able to discern it, but anyone watching from afar would likely struggle. "That," he starts, looking down at the image, "is a figure from her mythology. A tale told, of how a man wrestled a bull and saved his people from hunger, a man who may or may not have been a manifestation of her God." He pauses for a moment to let that settle, then goes whole hog, "if she's a Five, and you're a Six, perhaps then, that man is -your- God. The story means nothing to you though?"

Knox listens but doesn't seem to take to the point about man being his God. "The story might mean more if I had context. Sharing a story about a man killing an animal doesn't mean anything without more to it. Context is the crux of religion, it provides a guide for lives and, if true, afterlife. Its a code, belief. Some could even tie the code of the Marines into a religion if they were so inclined." He tilts his hand towards Toby. "If we are both skinjobs and that story alliterates that we should worship man, and she stated she worships humanity, then that is her belief. I don't share the belief. I've no ability to understand it, either, since we've all had our minds wiped of our history and culture."

"Not humanity," Toby corrects with a slight shake of his head, "that individual, the bull wrestler." Providing context takes him longer though, as he carefully thinks through what words to say. "I've heard the story twice, in both cases there are people starving, in one the bull is a direct physical threat. Both tell of a great battle between bull and man, both give the victory to the man and state that from the bull's body and blood were made plentyful bounty. Crops grew, vine flowed, that sort of thing. One tells of the return of the man, in the future sometime, when humanity's need is at it's greatest, and of another bull that will be sacrificed to provide for them." The news that the marine has had a mind wipe is met with a distinct frown though, that is quite clearly news to him, and unwelcome news at that. "If that is the case," he notes," a hint of gruffness in his tone, "I don't expect this conversation will achieve much. You said you knew the symbol though, however vaguely. How would that be if you remember nothing?"

Cooper listens to the story about the bull and looks back to the symbol. hand lifting, it rubs at his chin and mouth, the guy clearly thinking on this. "Interesting. I can see how it would appeal to a Five, especially. Perhaps a Six a well. I suppose that this would be that time, or we are very close it, for that return. If it were literal truth." Something about him needs to make that point. The rest has him look back up and his hand falls to the side, a clear shrug given before he looks back. But a finger lifts. "P. It was probably P." He narrows his eyes, then turns them back to Toby. "See, the lines woke up with no knowledge of who or what they were. Just following the orders of the Ones and Cylons. But Piraeus brings out who we were. It wakes things up inside. When a skinjob sets foot on P, think of it like you've been living in total darkness. But then, there's a hint of light on the horizon. You've never seen a sunrise before so it scares you. But you need to know what it is. So you push. And you get it. It doesn't so much flood you with knowledge so much as assurance, confidence that you are more than just a copy. We dream we see things, we have new hopes, deeper emotions. Your story of the bull is familiar, Shackleton, and so is the symbol. I just don't know where or how it all fits in together. Possibly in dreams."

"Interesting analogy," Toby notes, although he doesn't go into any more detail than that, either Knox knows about Mithras' links to the Sun or he doesn't. "-If- it was literal truth," he replies, "then it could be noted that Tauran was represented by a bull, and P is a land of bountyful plenty in our hour of greatest need." He's not going ot say anything more on that either, but instead nods faintly to the comment about dreams before admitting with a degree of reluctance, "you have any more dreams on that theme, then perhaps an understanding can be reached."

"Its the closest analogy I can come up with. It definitely feels like a mental horizon is breaking. Its scary. If someone didn't want it, it would be downright terrifying." Cooper listens to the rest again, though. He looks away from Toby and towards the glass, thinking deeply on the matter. A bull sacrificed. The bountiful harvest right when they needed it the most. "I don't suppose that there's any hints about people from the afterlife looking in on us. That's kind of baffling." He doesn't laugh, though, and it isn't intended as a joke. Back to Toby, "I dream about Piraeus all the time. I couldn't ay I dream about bulls or anything in particular… but yeah i think that's where I know the symbol from. Did she say what it means?"

Knox's commetn about the dead scores some form of hit on Toby, his reaction shows that much, but he's quick to clamp down on it, guard it again. "I won't claim to understand it," he starts cautiously, "but the dead judged Colonel Shepard. They made him understand, before the end. Beyond that? You'd have to ask her, or a Pater." As for his question? Awell, that answer comes after a deep breath is taken, then let out slowly, "strength, honour, their home. It's not sacred by itself, but apparently some ascribed religious connotations to it. Something about career soldiers having 'found their religion'." By the breath he takes next he's about to say something else, but in the end doesn't, apparently thinking better of it.

"Ah. So Sheperd has been found?" Cooper anods solemnly, looking down. "For what its worth Toby, I'm glad that piece of shit has been judged. I hope he got what he deserved." He looks back and nods once more. "I… like that. Religion without religion. Worship of ideas. That-" unsurprisingly Cooper looks peaceful about that. "I could do that. I'm curious about the connection to the bull, too, but I won't press it. I'm interested to find out what else Pireaus knows, definitely. Especially more about the beliefs. Especially if they're so focused on respect for their dead."

"Single bullet to the skull, close range," Toby replies with a faint nod. He at least seems to believe that the ex-CAG got what was coming to him and makes no effort to hide that. He skips the other detaisl though, they're not really needed in his estimation. All he does add is "you should talk to Captain al Yamoha, see if it doesn't prompt you to remember anything else." A noise from behind has him flick his head round towards a pair of newly arriving ensigns and he instantly squares up and lifts a finger to point accusatory at Knox, "and stay the frak away from Callagn. First and final warning." Turning on his heal and stalking away he mutters as he passes the junior officers, "fraking toasters."

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