PWD #09: A Few Caveats
A Few Caveats
Summary: Ygraine and Petra both come to Khrysos with just what he's looking for…but there are a few caveats.
Date: 27/12/2012
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Conference Room
A generic conference room on Deck 2
PWD #09

"Sir, with all politeness, you're going to have to calm the frak down," says the Marine rifleman escorting around Dr. Khrysos Pindar, the prior beginning to look a mild shade of annoyed at how pushy the latter is being. In the middle of the corridor near sciences, Khrysos is his own shade of fuming. "I /understand/ that you have security measures in place, but in order to do my gods-damned job I need information. Now, if you don't want to be held responsible, that's quite all right. I can turn a blind eye if you chose to, I don't know, do whatever it is marines do. Just do it /that way/." Khrysos points down the hall, away from sciences.

Funnily enough, just as Khrysos has turned to point, Ygraine is coming down the hall, the ends of her blonde braids just touching her shoulderblades as she spots Khrysos and alights with purpose. Her stride lengthens, which on a woman of her height is pretty impressive as she heads in his direction.

Petra himself is looking like he might be on a stretch of no-sleep as he makes it down the corridor. But actually catching sight of Dr. Pindar seems to brighten his mood, even if the animated discussion with the Marine has him lifting one brow. Seeing Ygraine heading his direction as well, the Major trails behind her a few steps, giving the Marine a curious look and murmurs, "Sergeant," while he heads for the scientist.

"Sir," the marine responds, straightening up in his stance a bit but still keeping his blocking stance so that Khrysos simply can't side-step him. "He's insistent about gaining access to sciences. Captain Lin isn't around, and his clearance requires a ranking officer on deck." "Clearance? Mister whoever-you-are, there is an unknown radiation source down on the planet that broke four drill bits and made an engineer extremely sick. Frak clearance!"

"Stand down, Sergeant." says Ygraine firmly, because shes an ensign and can totally do that! She waves a hand at the scientist. "Dr. Khrysos, Dr. Khrysos, calm down. Is there an office where we can talk? I need to brief you on a project that's come down, it's pretty important - " she seems to senses someone behind her and turns. "Oh. Sir." she says to Petra. "Are we in your way?"

Petra clears his throat softly at the Marine, "Well, I suspect I can provide the doctor with information that will make him happy, Sergeant, so everyone just relax." He even flashes a small smile at Khrysos and Ygraine before commenting, "Perhaps the three of us can go back to your office, Doctor, rather than having the conversation out in the hallway?"

"Thank you both," Khrysos says, folding his hands together and thanking each in turn. "But unfortunately, I don't have much in the way of office space aboard; just the communal CIDSR offices. I was hoping to run into someone here with sufficient higher reasoning -" He dramatically rolls his eyes and glances towards the sergeant, who narrows his eyes a little but is in the process of leaving. With a smirk, he continues. "- and it seems I'm finally in the right company. Please. There has to be a conference room somewhere."

It takes a few moments, but eventually a conference room is found, and the trio can settle in. Guaging Petra by his rank pins a moment, she asks politely, "Would you care to go first, Sir?"

Petra nods his head slowly "The Sergeant's just doing his job. There's been a lot going on this week, so you'll have to forgive us for playing a little catchup." When the room is located, Petra smiles a little at Ygraine's question and holds the door to guesture her in ahead of him, then pulls it closed behind the three, "Not that I care to steamroller over someone that got to him first, Ensign, perhaps you want to go ahead and go first?" No, the Major isn't looking for a reason to enjoy a moment of pause, never.

"Naturally," is Khrysos' neutral response to Petra's explanation. "I'm mainly interested in doing my job. I'm not privvy to the goings-on in the navy nor do I particularly care to be involved." When allowed to enter, Khrysos takes a seat at the conference room table.

Ygraine's freckled nose crinkles briefly; she recovers almost the moment it starts. Raising a hand, there's a flash drive in it. "I've been authorized by Captain St. Clair to submit the sensor readings of the site to you for analysis." No need to ask what site she's talking about. She keeps the drive in hand however, because she adds, "There are, however, a few caveats." The nature of the beast when you work with the military.

Petra smiles, just a little, when he hears what Ygraine has to offer, but rather than offer more information, he hugs his clipboard to his chest with both arms, and murmurs, "It would seem my timing is impeccable for once today. How refreshing."

Khrysos drums his fingers on the table. "St. Clair. Was she the Raptor pilot with the amazing eyes?" He asks, looking thoughtful. Shrugging, he says, "Please, go on. Caveats."

Ygraine's expression goes from directly intent to positively delighted. Poor Khrysos just woke the beast, and Bennett will be hearing about her delightful eyes. But presently, onto more important matters. "You work with the data, and put your findings, directly on this drive. No copies may be made, hard or otherwise, and the original data may not be modified. You turn it back over to me as soon as possible, and that's not vaguey scientist whenever, that's military needed-it-five-minutes ago, okay? I'll be checking in with you. I'm responsible for the drive, so please don't frak with it."

Petra fails to stifle the smirk that curls up the corner of his mouth, but remains quiet while Yggy explains the conditions in which the drive is being handed over. Once she's given her warning, however, he does offer in a lower voice, "We'd like to ask Air Wing to send out two Raptors again as soon as possible, for just a high-altitude flyover of the area to resurvey it. There is a concern that this is not a…naturally occurring find, so we are counting on your research to either support or disprove the idea. Because if it isnt natural, then that obviously means we have other concerns to think about."

Scowling, Khrysos comes back with, "Of course it's not natural! I saw the geological readings; there was no ferrous plate or anything remotely hard enough to break all of those drill bits. Even if you were to expose a vein of yellowcake or other weaponizable radioactive substance, you would not get nearly that high reading of radiation." Leaning forward and sticking his index finger down onto the table, he says, deliberately slow, "There is something down there."

Yggy slides the flash drive toward him once she's set it on the table, with a sideways look at Petra. "You'll have to talk to Captain St. Clair and the CAG about that sir, if you haven't already." Idly she wonders if she'll be taked for it before she looks back at Khrysos. "I'll give you four hours for your initial review, and then I'm coming back for your ETA on the complete report. I'll be checking in on you, and your research using Orion's systems will be actively monitored. Be so advised."

Petra clears his throat softly, "That would be why I'm Tactical and not a physicist, and why the Ensign and I are here to talk to you. We need better information on what it might be, how big it is, and a threat assessment. I'll talk to CAG and Captain Bennett about what their plans are, once we have that informtion, and Im sure the Ensign here might be on one of the crews going back out, so she has a vested interest as well."

"Heroes Above, woman. I've signed a confidentiality document in triplicate upon joining this expedition. Please stop treating me as if I were some sort of delinquent," Khrysos shoots back at Ygraine. Sighing, and lowering his voice, he responds more civilly: "I know about confidentiality. I know about privileged use of secure systems. This is not my first high security contract, you know." Nodding to Petra, he places his hand over the flash drive. "I'll do my best, Major. Ensign. Whatever is down there, I will give you likely scenarios. But if I may offer conjecture?" He leans back in his seat, the flash drive disappearing into his fist as he rests it against his beard in brief thought. "There are only two hypotheses, regardless of what the data says. Either the Colonies have been here before… or the Cylons have."

"And I'd rather give it to you clear than assume you won't run your mouth without a reminder." Ygraine volleys back unrepentantly. "Especially when my ass is on the line." She leaves it at that, but admits, "I'd kinda thought as much, but assumin' just makes an ass of you and me. I'll wait on the data. Doctor." She nods to him. "Sir?" To Marcus. "You need anything before I head back to report to the Captain?"

Petra nods slowly at Khrysos' last statement, with a look on his face that implies that's exactly what his and the Admiral's concern is, "The former means there is either someone lying to us, or a philosophical discovery the Colonies are going to go crazy over…the Latter is much more serious and concerning and something we need to know immediately." To Ygraines question, the Major shakes his head, "No, I think we're good, Ensign. Thank you."

Khrysos mutters, "Quaint," at Ygraine's explanation of assume. "Don't you worry, my dear. I've never screwed a woman without first buying her dinner and flowers," he offers with a plastic smile. Tucking the drive into his jacket's inner pocket, he asks, "Anything else, or can I get to work?"

Yggy's just going to not think about the implications, at least not now, because she needs to not freak out and do her job. She rises with an easy, "See you in four, Doc. Sir." A brisk nod, and then just before she slips out of the conference room, advises Khrysos cheekily, "I'm partial to bluebells." before making her exit.

Petra lets a 'heh' escape him when Ygraine's on her way out, and simply nods to Khrysos, "In the future, sir…if you have problems like what I walked into with the Sergeant, find me and let me know. Marines don't really care if you're even the President of the Colonies, if youre telling them to do something against orders. Good luck on your research." And unless Khrysos intends to stop him, he'll follow the cute ECO out of the room.

Khrysos nods. "It's good to have such… duty-minded soldiers aboard." And with that, the scientist is off.

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