AWD #229: A Drink at Charlie's
A Drink at Charlie's
Summary: Lleu runs into Bennett at Charlie's on Piraeus. She buys him a drink and they chat about his starting OCS, Lleu's recovery, upcoming missions, and Bennet's son.
Date: 23/08/2013 (OOC Date)
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Bennett Lleufer 
Checkpoint Charlie's, Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
August 23rd, 2005

Charlie's doesn't usually hit full stride until a little later in the evening, when it's more acceptable to be down here drinking rather than up on Orion, filing paperwork. Not that this appears to deter the solitary woman seated at a table near the window. There isn't much to watch, but her mind does not appear to be on the featureless landscape anyway. A glass of what looks like water is set in front of her, a smoke perched between two fingers, and a creased photograph rests on the palm of the same hand.

Somebody got a leave day from the Orion and he's just gotten off shift topside. As soon as he could pack his kit, Lleu got the next flight dirtside he could get. He walks into Charlie's sans his bag he dropped off at his temporary bunk. Sergeant Ynyr has his cane though he's needing it less now, walking almost normally. No sling either for his arm, now. Wearing his fatigues, he goes on up to the bar and waits to order something. "As I know you don't have any Aerilon Scotch, mores the pity, give me a pint of your darkest beer." Lleu pls out his wallet to pay for his drink.

It takes her a moment to notice that someone's wandered inside, but Bennett's marine sense does kick in after a second or three— and her eyes go to the sandy-haired man bellying up to the bar. The corners of her lips curve in a small smile, though it's a moment or two more before she calls out lightly, "Put him on my tab, please, Dominic." Which gets a wink from the 'tender, and a reply of, "You heard the lady."

Lleufer turns his head to see who that voice belongs to, though he thinks he knows who - and is right. "Thank you. But I'll only accept if you'll share your company as well, ma'am." Off duty he can probably get away with not calling her sir. His dark beer is brought out. Lleu thanks Dominic and picking it up, he heads over towards Bennett's table, "May I join you?"

Bennett's gaze trails the MP enroute from the bar to her table, smile turning bemused at his request. Whatever she'd been looking at is folded up and placed beside her glass of water, and the remaining chair opposite her is indicated with a lift of her fingers. "You may. But only if you call me Bennett. And.. if you do not mind me finishing this smoke I've been waiting for since I got off duty." The smoke in question is ashed out with a flick of her thumb, then touched to her lips again, still curved in a teasing smile.

"If that's a photo, folding it over will ruin it after a while." Lleufer sets his beer on the table with his right hand, then carefully tries pulling out the chair with his left. Can he grip it? Does it pull and ache his arm? Seems to keep a hold of it and manages it, then takes a seat. His cane is taken from the crook of his elbow and set to lean against one of the unused chairs. "Please, go ahead. Don't let me intterupt your relaxing." Lleu takes a taste of his beer, slightly bitter and rich. Which is harder to come by than the pale beers which just about anybody can brew up in a spare tank. "

Bennett's eyes flick back up at the comment about the photo, and she blushes, ever so slightly. Though she neither confirms nor denies, it is pretty clearly a photo. A polaroid, to be more precise. "I see you are walking much better, Lleufer." She tries out his first name with only the slightest hesitation. "How does your arm feel?" It is not idle conversation; she seems genuinely interested, though her gaze does wander back to the window after a time.

He doesn't seem to mind at all that she uses his first name, even if that's not as common among the military as it is among civies. "Yes, I am. Not quite up to running yet, but the pool workouts are helping a lot. Ache some, but improve every day." For answer about his arm, Lleu reaches into one of his side cargo pockets in his pants and pulls out a lump that is a small ball. He squeezes it with his left hand and while his pinky finger doesn't respond, the rest of his fingers, including his third, curl around to indent it slightly. "Not much grip strength but it's better. Tingles worse than ever but that's supposed to be a good sign."

There is not much military about the woman, tonight, anyway. Bennett could likely pass for any pretty thirtysomething with some time to kill at the bar. She pulls from her cigarette, and exhales politely away from the marine before glancing over at the ball in his hand. And the way his little finger doesn't quite want to move like the others. "Perhaps I am mistaken, but it looks like an improvement," she offers, smiling. "It will tingle, and then it will hurt. And it will hurt for a good while before it gets better. That has been my experience with this sort of thing, anyway."

"I don't think my hand will hurt. It wasn't damaged at all. Ulnar nerve up in my arm was but the doctors say it's healing, and swelling of my arm is going down which lessons the preasure on the nerve. So I'm hopeful." Lleu puts the ball away and takes another drink of his beer. "What have you been up to? I heard something about exercises - Phin said sims work for the pilots. I told'm you all are going to need to practice flying in /real/ low and burning up the grass for Picon."

"Mm, I see." His hand is studied for a little while longer, and then she finds his gaze once more when he asks what she's been up to. A crooked smile flits across her lips. "Are we, then." A sip of her water, and another pull of her smoke before she eases back in her chair and crosses her legs. "I think I will leave the daredevil flying to the vipers. My squadron will be more concerned with how best to handle the basestars, performing HALO and LALO drops, and supply and logistics for the efforts on the colony. There is much to be done."

"Yeah, it's the LALO that concerns me more." Lleufer clears his throat, "At any rate, things won't be boring and aye, lots we got to do. I'm pushing hard because I wante to get cleared by medical in time." He fingers his beer with his good hand idly, "I guess you have done a few things in the past that have prepared you for missions like Picon? I can't say my MP training as exactly been spot on, so I'm getting some training. My application to OCS also went through right away and I started classes a few days ago."

"You know, I have heard that from a few marines before," Bennett answers, settling easily into shop talk with the man. "I suppose the low altitude jumps make things a little more.. immediate? The logistics from my point of view are slightly less straightforward, too." A glance at his beer. "Hmm? Oh, yes, I used to run CSAR at CFAB Andross. I was there for a good decade, so I guess you could say this is my bread and butter." She grins slightly, and her eyes brighten when he mentions OCS. "Did it? That's wonderful news. If you need help studying, I am sure I have a few of my old books still kicking around."

That gets his attention, "Did you now? I love that work, doing search and rescue. Put my track'n and hunting to some use. A whole lot more interesting than walking halls day in and day out rousting drunks and disorderlies." Lleufer grins, "I was really looking forward to the CSAR training exercises that got postponed. I hope we'll still get to do that if there's time before we go." He gives a nod, "If you think you have something that may be helpful, I'll look at it. I've always been good at studying, get good grades. But it means I won't get much leave time or spare anything time outside of classes and training up. I need parachute work."

Bennett gives him a little eyebrow waggle while she sips her water, and sets the glass down in yet another overlapping ring of condensation. "I.. found it very gratifying," she explains softly, her expression turning sheepish at mention of the training exercise. "Would you believe there was not much interest from the aircrew in running it? I may try again soon, though I'm sure you understand, it is better run as a live fire exercise. Which.. takes a fair bit more planning and approval." She nods to his last. "Well, if you need a pilot who is comfortable doing a few practice runs with you jumping out the hatch, I am your girl." She winks, and brings the smoke to her lips again.

"Huh," Lleufer grunts, Marine fashion, "If you can get that approved for me to throw my ass out your hatch, you have a deal. After I get cleared for various things before I'd be allowed." The Aerilon rubs at his prickly jaw, not having shaved since two shifts before, "I need my leg all healed up for that and before then I have an assignment I hope to be going out on in a matter of days. If I'm cleared in time. Don't have a firm date on that yet." He makes a dismissive gesture, "But when I get back from that, then I can. Seems with what we'll be doing on Picon, the CSAR training is needed stat."

"I will speak with Major Franklin about it when I see her next," St. Clair answers with a smile. Her smoke is all but a stub, and she puts it out on the edge of the table before dropping it into a makeshift ashtray. "What sort of an assignment?" she enquires then, trying to sound casual about the question.

"Probably several more of us could use that training together, not just me." Lleu makes a negative movement of his head, "Can't talk about that. Not sure I'll make the final cut anyway." He lifts up his hand and twists his mouth ruefully, "But if not, I should be fit for other action coming up." His beer he finishes off, glancing aside to the folded up photo, "Family?"

Bennett watches him for a few beats, like she's considering pushing the issue. But professionalism seems to win out in the end, and there's only a slight press of her lips in minor annoyance. "Yes," she answers quietly. "My son. Do you have any children, Lleufer?" Her glass of water, too, is polished off, and turned absently between her fingers. Pilots and their fidgety hands.

Lleufer flicks his gaze up from his now empty glass at her comment about having a son. "No, never been married. Like to have a family some day but you know, what the the war going on, such things would be a lot more difficult now." a pause before he adds low, ""I hope … he wasn't back on Virgon. If he was, I'm very sorry, Bennett."

"He was," answers the woman evenly. It's likely taken some time for her to be able to say that, and not break down. "I am told he likely would not have suffered, so that is what I try to keep in mind." She even manages a smile, though it's ethereal and faint. "And I have never married, either. I did not wish to be tied down." She pauses, then clears her throat lightly.

Lleufer thins his mouth and turns his glass at an angle, fiddling with it to see if there's enough residue of his beer to get one last taste of it from the bottom, "Don't know if my family's dead or alive. Mother, father, two brothers and a younger sister. Cousins." He shakes his head faintly, "I hold out hope but my father was formerly a Marine and one of my brother's was a few years enlisted before I joined. Neither one of them would stand around and not get into the thick of things. Though my father would also have enough sense to know the family needed him to look out for'm. And living up in the mountains might make it a lot harder to get to'm."

"I have seen Aerilon firsthand," Bennett offers, after a few moments spent in thought. She reaches across to touch his hand lightly; her fingertips are cool, and slightly damp from the condensation on her glass. "And I think they stand a very good chance." She seems quite certain of that.

Her concern is nice. Lleu smiles a little, "That's what I tell myself." The Marine checks his chronometer and tips his glass up to try for the last dribble. No ordering a refill right now. He sets his glass down and takes up his cane to stand, "My apology to have to run out on you after only one drink, but I have some arrangements I'm to make while down here this evening. It's not really leave. Thanks for the drink. I'll find you about those books later." With that, Lleufer turns to head out.

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