AWD #279: A Day In Sickbay
A Day In Sickbay
Summary: After Santos Ridge, Sickbay is busy.
Date: Wed Oct 12 08:54:57 2005 (Sat Oct 12 08:54:57 2013)
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Sickbay
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #279

It's been … well, one hell of a rough ride. A good many (NPC) Marines and civies didn't make it back from Santos Ridge and those who did? Almost no one is brought in unscathed with wounds. Everyone has suffered dehydration, lack of food, low radiation poisoning, exposure to cold including frostbite, some have colds or starts of pneumonia and wounds ranging from gunshots, schrapnal, broken bones, amputated limbs, burns and more. To say the least, medical resources on board the Orion as well as Crandall are strained and down below? The fighting continues at an unbelieably heated pace on Picon at Santos Ridge.

Now all is relative quiet up in the sickbay. No rounds being fired, no bombardment of 280mm shelling, no incrediable biting cold. Medical personal are kept busy tending to the sick and wounded.

Leightner finishes redressing someones wounds, moving along to wash back up before taking a new instrument tray and cart and wheeling into the treatment area. Looks like he's been shuffling patients and tending wounded since he got here. Tons of wounded. He's checking to see who'se awake and the like.

At some point during the night, someone had tended to Jena's wounds because now she's all bandaged and the blood from the Marine's is washed off her. At the moment, she's laying on her left side, eyes closed with faint shadows beneath.

Ynyr is in a separate enclosed area, if not actually blocked off from the rest of sickbay then at least screened. He's in critical condition and being monitored closely, likely having been rushed into emergency surgery as soon as he arrived. Dr Nadir may not have been up to doing it herself but she may well have overseen the procedure. Lleufer has not regained consciousness and no one is certain if he will pull through. Medical personal do their best to stabilize his condition and there isn't much else to do, except wait and see what the Gods intend.

Having been out of it most of the time since he was brought back, Fischer stirs a little now. Muttering something to himself, he suddenly sits up in his bed, looking around quickly. Sighing as he sees where he is, and things starts to sink in, looking around again, to see who else is there.

Leightner checks on Mallas, who is still doing his hibernating saberbear impression. Taking a moment or two to ensure his bandaging is intact and whole, he moves back. Looking to Fischer, he moves that way, "Whoa there, Corporal. Just settle down and relax, you're back on Orion, being looked after, how you feeling, hungry?"
Devlin arrives from the Fore Corridor.
Devlin has arrived.

It's been a bit of an up and down night for Kostas. Eventually she she's wheeled into surgery, and then back. Her skin is still mostly ashen, and with the influx of fluids an all that other yucky stuff she's still sweating quite a bit. Asleep, one can see how small she really is, at least compared to the considerable armored front that's usually present. Waking up from sedation/too drugged is a nightmare—she's the type to pull IVs and tubes and confinement is apparently not something her subconscious suffers without a fight, but with just enough pain meds to take the edge off she's at least just normal-sleeping now.

Fischer nods a little as he hears Leightner's words, sighing a little bit. "Tired." And with that, he drops back and closes his eyes again.

Enter the flyboi, you know, those crazy guys who wear several tons of armor in the form of flying monstrosities of death that rain bombs, HE rounds, and explosive death on everything below. It's probably not fair that he's not wearing bandages, nor is it entirely fair that the man has recently showered and made his way onto the sick-bay's floor in his off duty fatigues. There are rings upon rings under Devlin's eyes however, and while he may be semi-fit on the outside, the mind is worn ragged and running purely on stimulants. Those very same weary, blue eyes glance around the ward, searching, but after a while he realizes that the object of his search isn't there and he shrugs. He does pause however, as he notices Kostas in her banged up state and he winces. He takes a few steps into the ward, pauses, waits a moment to check with the orderlies, then continues further in, moving to stand at the foot of the Officer's station. For those that are doing well enoguh to be awake and not moaning and groaning, Devlin nods his head to them, offerign them a weak smile that comes not from sadness, but from fatigue.

Voices. Snoring. Couldn't be anything less than a medbay. The sounds so familiar to Jena they had slipped along with her dream for a moment until the soreness registers. Eyes open first as she takes stock of herself first. Pain, but not so bad, definitely not unbearable. Stiffness was there along with a sick feeling in her stomach. Pushing herself into a sitting position, she doesn't rely on the remote control bed. Turning, she hangs her legs over the edge of the bed and tries to wake more fully.

Leightner checks Fischer, tucking him back in before moving to the other treatmentarea. Kostas, she's not moving, Devlin gets a nod as the Corpsman moves to Jena, she being the one going walkabout. "Well, hullo there." He says, stepping up to her, looking her over. As long as she's under her own power that's good, "How do you feel?"

Devlin's eyes settle on the form of the severely wounded marine that he knows and he sighs. A glance over towards where Leightner is dealing with the sitting PJ, and he nods, catching eyes with the Corpsman to let him know he has a question, but it clearly can wait till the other man has a moment. His gaze sweeps the rest of the room, wearily turning upon the balls of his feet to look at all the bandaged and damage people, yes mostly marines, that occupy th room. He shakes his head, whispering, "Thankful you all made it back," which may carry to the nearest of the group. A look to the MP and he sighs, "All hands on deck down there and even the Em Peas were involved. Crazy," he shakes his head once more and lifts his hand towards his face, fingers curled around an imaginary mug. It's a habitual motion that has become automatic in the last few weeks, so much so that when he finally realizes he's doing it, he scowls at his hand.

When Leightner approaches her, Jena smiles a little ruefully. "Hey there. I feel like I got shot. Inconvenient, that." The teasing remark is accompanied by a ducking of her head as she looks down at her hospital gown. "How are you holding up? Looks like the good doctor and I left us short handed."

Leightner nods to Devlin, acknowledging his question before looking to Jena, "Me? Annoyed ya got all tha fun." He looks at her chart. "You're good for food. How about some breakfast? Try keeping something down?" He smirks, "Sickbays busy. Ain't first, Ain't last. Just remember this moment when I'm wearing tha paper an you're on duty."

Devlin gives Leightner a nod and then looks at Kostas one more time before slowly stepping away from the edge of her station. He looks like he may just leave, the sounds and the wounded perhaps too much for the sensible and worn-out mind of the ECO. He tries to force his natural smile back onto his lips, but the reminder of war and death and the last vestiges of humanity, and such frailty slapped in his face with the injured, makes it tough. He puts his hhands on his head and he pauses mid-step, rubbing at his face, clearing permanent sleep from the corners of his eyes, he looks around again, seeking a reason for it all.

There's a twitch and a start, and a groan as it activates muscles that don't feel so hot when she does—and Kostas' eyes flick open, instantly alert, if a little drug-hazed. Her eyes instantly move towards the clock first, as if she's already memorized where it is, before focusing on closer objects. Her bandaged hand moves to where the IV is in her "good" one, but it stops with just a touch. She blinks at the surprising sight of someone *not* in scrubs or a gown. "Oy, Durnst." Her voice is a little more scratchy than usual. Perhaps unsurprising given the amount of packed bandage around her neck.

"Food.." Conflicting reactions, a surge of hunger versus a sick stomach. Jena finally nods. "Sounds good, I could use it for strength if nothing else. I'll remember, but don't make it any time soon if you can help it." Glancing to the pilot, she offers a friendly smile. "Sir." Then Kostas gets a look of concern.

Devlin's eyes blink a few times when he hears the sound of the Marine awakening, or doing something, hopefully not dying, at least that's the look in his eyes as his head swivels upon its neck and takes in the speaker of his name. "Kostas, you look like shit, but it's good to see that you're still moving…sorta?" He asks, though it's not really a question. He looks over towards Leightner and Jena to see how they're making out. Which of course has him aware that other people are talkign too, "Cruz, good to see you up and about, heard about the drop, glad to see that the three of you were on the ball and on the ground. Good to see you back," he tells her, then turns to Leghtner, "I see that you're keeping them looked after, good on you Pee Oh." He gives the corpsman a respectful nod and finally goes back to Kostas, her wakefullness answering the question that he was going to ask.

Leightner nods to Jena "I'll get you some so you can try." He says gently before moving to Devlin and Kostas, snagging some gloves as he offers them to Devlin, "Thank you, sir, if you'd put these on for your visit please? Something specific I can help you with?" Clearly expecting the man to visit.

"Not all 'f us c'n be as pretty as you, flyboy," Kostas rasps to Devlin. "Yeah, I could move more. If I wanted to." Meant to do that. "You know how things goin' down at the Ridge?" There's a tone of urgency in her voice, the IV hand curling into a loose fist. She doesn't turn her head to look over at Jena, but smiles never the less. "How's it hangin', PJ. Ya think we get th' CMO t' take rifle trainin' an' go oohrah again sometime?"

Lleufer does not stir where he lays separated by curtains. His vitals are being monitored, whole blood now replaced with an IV, a breathing mask to ensure he's getting enough oxygen. His head is wrapped up, half of his face swollen on the side he was hit, his neck also bandaged. Somewhere under his coverings, his leg and more. The MP Sergeant is comatose and thus far unwaking.

Devlin seems a little concerned with Leightner's question, looking at the man like a dog given two dishes of food. He tilts his head and then the realization dawns on him, "Ah, right, sure, I was looking for Echo, erm El Tee Degan, came in last night well night side anyways, some damage to his arm, he was unconscious, was worried about him, thought I'd come see how he was doing, but I don't see him here, so I'm going to assume that's a good thing?" He asks Leightner as he takes the gloves and slowly slips them onto his hands, and if there was a protocol for dressing into a single pair of gloves, the ECO really doesn't know it. He's gettign the last finger snapped on and he laughs as he hears the marine behind him, "Well no, we can't all be as pretty as me, for that would result in a whole host of ugly, but it's good to see you cracking jokes," he tells Kostas as he turns to look back at her, reaching out a hand to steady his weary form against the edge of her bed. "Well, we've been cleaning the anti-air, as I'm sure you're well aware, and now we're going back there, to see what else we can scare. It's looking like we've got a bit of a clear zone to get more troops on and off. It's a start…but it's good to have you all back." His glance and his words clearly indicate the rest of the group.

Hearing Kostas awaken, Jena continues to looks at her with concern. A smile tugs at her lips and she lifts a shoulder. "I think I am feeling a damned sight better than you are, Sir. Those mines held them off for a long while." A smirk. "I don't think we're going to get him off this ship for a long time to come." The ECO nabs her attention and she nods in return. "Thanks, it's good to be back. I don't know how they did it down there for so long. Marines are made of stern stuff." Back to Leightner now, she smiles. "That'd be great, thank you."

Brina starts coming to, having been asleep the entire time. While spared from the worst of what could have happened from being cold for so long she was pretty damn hurt and slow to shake off having been put under for surgery. Groggily grunting, she peeks an eye open only to then snap it shut again, groaning.

Leightner nods to Devlin, "I'll check that sir." He moves off to do that and allow them to talk as he touches base with the duty nurse, and looks at the logs. Turning back to the treatment area. "Echo's Released." He reports, not intruding and noticing Brinas groan, he heads over to her bedside. "Morning, Lance, how you feeling?"

"Frakkin' hell," Silvia says with a little bit of a grimace. "Wish we was in better shape t' help out. They gonna get their scoreboard lit up now, didja see how many of those shitcans 'r down there? Wonder which desk jockey I got t' bribe t' get reports on how they doin'. Think it'll come easy if I just bat my eyelashes at 'em?" Her grin at Devlin isn't quite as effective with a grey face than her usual darker one. Her ears perk up at Brina's groan, distracted—brow furrowing in somewhat open maternal concern. Ohhh yeah, those drugs are something else.

Devlin nods his head in thanks to Leightner, "Ah, good news then, must have take in the wrong way, probably looked a lot worse that it was, will have to rib him about that later, I think," he tells the Corpsman, and chuckles, "Thanks." More people are waking and this has Devlin smiling a little bigger now, a little more true, more natural. "Well, I guess what I could have also said was that you can rest up, we're just mopping up now, but as it stands, it looks like we're done here, for the most part. Onto bigger and better things, well that's my thoughts anyways," he explains to Kostas, looking at the severely injured one. "We're winning, is what I think we should say, and yeah, if people want to keep score, we're on the positive side of things, but that's for those that want to keep score. I am just happy that we're making it through, and we're rescuing people, and we're finding out that we're not the last surviving of our kind in the system. You did good, you and your team, can't wait to hear about how you decided to be the cover for your entire squad, instead of using a building," his eyes are filled with mirth and his lopsided grin is sign that he's just teasing the bedridden one. "How'd you manage to get the Em Peas to come shoot things with ya?"

"Like fraking ass… how am I supposed to feel?" So drugged, like Kostas and the others undoubtedly are, Brina's accent comes out, the normally-concealed Aquaria tonal quality displayed in full force. "Everyone okay?" True to character, she is more concerened about those she arrived here with over herself.

Leightner leans over Brina, "Everyones breathing, and there's a lot of hurt, but we got the team back." He tilts his head at her, "Hungry yet?" He asks simply. That's next in her treatment. "Need your strength soonest." He looks to Devlin and nods, before straightening and looking at Brina. "Let me help you sit up." He offers.

After he dropped back to rest a while back, Fischer opens his eyes again now. Taking for a few moments to look around, before he sits up again now. Taking a few deep breaths as he looks between the others, but he keeps quiet for now.

Devlin sees taht other folks are sitting up now as he looks around and chuckles, "Well, it looks like a little bit of wakefulness, a bad joke, and the world comes alive. As everyone sits up and the nurses will need to take care of things, Devlin backs up, "Alright, well I think I will leave you folks to deal with the risers, good to see you all again, I should get back to duty," he bows his head, watching the rest of them, then walks out.

Brina shakes her head but to what? The offer of food or the offer of help in sitting up? Whatever, she's not saying. Brina merely watches the medic as he stands there, eyes half lidded and reddened. "Thanks, though." Fine with just laying there, she looks out over the others.

Leightner nods to Brina, and moves off, looking about a moment before moving toward Fischer, and stepping up to the bed, "Hello, how are you feeling? Hungry yet?" He asks simply, "Food's ready."
Samtara arrives from the CMO's Office.
Samtara has arrived.

Taking another few breaths as he looks around, Fischer looks a bit thoughtful as he looks around for a few moments. Blinking as he tries to find out where something is, he looks almost panicked for a few moments. "Where are they?" The question about how he's feeling makes him pause. "Under my armor… Two pictures. Where are they?" he asks, once more looking around now.

Leightner nods to Fischer, a hand to his shoulder lightly, "I know what you're talking about. I logged your gear back in, they're in a bag here at the desk, "I'll be right back, alright?" He explains clearly before moving to retrieve them. Just became priority.

Lleufer does not stir where he lays separated by curtains. His vitals are being monitored, whole blood now replaced with an IV, a breathing mask to ensure he's getting enough oxygen. His head is wrapped up, half of his face swollen on the side he was hit, his neck also bandaged. Somewhere under his coverings, his leg and more. The MP Sergeant is comatose and thus far unwaking. (repose for Samtara)

Kostas is "resting", as in lying down, but restlessly. Her eyes mostly rest on the clock—but she's not pulled out any tubes or IVs yet today, so that's a plus.

Wearing the same color surgical scrubs at the rest of the surgical staff, though wrapped in a warm looking robe instead of her usual lab coat, Nadir emerges from the recovery ward in time to hear Fischer's request for his personal belongings. She sweeps a look around the room then, with a glance down at the ridiculous sneakers instead of boots that she's wearing, walks toward where the wounded are arranged in order of severity. "Ensign Kostas," she greets on arrival, "you're looking well," a touch of medical humor, "did they bring food around yet?" is wondered as she looks to the next bed, eyes Fischer to make sure he isn't going to leap OUT of his bed in that determined search for that which Leightner is already retrieving. "Officer Leightner, status, when you have a moment?" seeing her staff doing what it's supposed to be doing, which is working it's collective tail off.

Fischer nods a little bit as he hears that, calming down slightly, although he won't rest fully until he's got his two guardians back. He looks around at the others for a few moments, nodding a little bit now. "We made it…" he mutters, shaking his head a little bit now.

Leightner moves to the desk, looking over the bags, and pulls Fischers. Two pictures. He looks to the CMO, "Aye sir." He says, pointing to the corner where the Food tray cabinet from Mess is waiting to dispense trays of food when anyone actually wants some. No one really has yet. But Leightner moves back to Fischer, opening the bag, sliding them out into his hand, holding them for Fischer to take. "Right here, mate."

At least the doctors won't have to worry about Brina getting out of bed but she does prop herself up a little, once more looking around. "Where is Sergeant Ynyr," she asks suddenly, sounding a little worried. Between her concern for him and the others who went there to help the civilians and everything else, her headspace isn't very good and she's suddenly scared that some of them didn't make it despite Leightner's earlier reassurance that everyone made it.

"Everything's fine, O'Connell." Kostas replies, perhaps not a direct answer to the question, as lying down she doesn't really have a clue herself. She sounds a little on the worn out side. Her eyes are still on that damned clock.

"Ahh, good," Nadir murmurs even as she detours toward Brina, "Everyone that came up in the Raptor is here," she reassures the marine. "No one was left behind," another statement logically aimed to help reassure Brina. "Alright," she raises her voice enough to carry over the sound of the various machines, equipment, quiet chatter, the noise from the hall and the ship beyond, "the lot of you are bored, uncomfortable, and wanting to be back on your feet immediately. In order to get back on your feet we need your bodies to repair what can be repaired which takes a bit of time. Now, in order for your bodies to work on those repairs, fuel is required. Fuel, by this, i mean food. So, who's hungry?"

It's clear that there's quite a bit of weight lifted from Fischer's shoulders as he gets the picture. "My guardians…" he says, after a few moments of pause, turning to look at the pictures, one hand going to wipe at one of his eyes for the moment. The mention of the food makes him look up, and it's clear to see teary eyes, "A little hungry," he admits, after a few moments of pause.

"All 'f *you*?" Kostas replies wryly. "You gonna take some that medicine too, I hope, Doc Kickass. 'S I recall, *someone* took a round to th' chest." She'd grin, but it'd tug a bit too much at fresh stitches. "You ever thought 'bout spending more time at th' range? We could get ya set up right proper, honorable Marine an' shit." If Samtara looks over though, she'll get a wink.

Brina purses her lips. Food is necessary but she's not hungry. But, if she says such, they'll probably find it a reason to do unpleasant things to her. And, if she eats, maybe they'll consider her a good girl and let her see Lleufer. "I'll eat," she eventually says. "But if I do can I see the Sarge?"

Leightner looks up as the CMO announces breakfast. He smiles slightly and allowing Fischer his guardians back, he moves to the Mess cabinet, opening it and getting a tray to return to Fischer. With a practiced ease, he sets the tray table across the bed Fischers in and sets the tray, pulling the cover. Oatmeal, yay preprocessed dried, rehydrated, finger lickin good military 4A Oatmeal! Maple brown sugar-ish. And some orange juice drink in a cup. "Done."

Nadir turns and aims a look at Kostas that is mostly amused and slightly wry, "I'm proficient enough to pass my quals each time, but aside from that, I don't like handling a gun, Ensign. But," and she starts to shrug, things better of it mid-motion, and simply nods. "You're right. I Should spend more time at it," this said as she walks back over to where Kostas is resting. "Thank you for keeping an eye on me, I hope I didnt' slow you down to much," she says in a lower voice. "And please, for the love of logic, tell me that they didnt' send us soup again," she asks of Leightner. "Food shouldn't float, it's disquieting," before her attention shifts over to Brina. "When he wakes up, yes," she confirms with a nod to Brina. "Excellent, so, Fisher is fed, Kostas and O'Connell are next," she eyes the plate of goo in front of Fischer and rests one hand in a quelling gesture over her stomach. "That isn't food, Officer Leightner, that's goo. There's a marked difference."

Once her 'food' is brought to her Brina looks at it, her head angling from one side to the other. "Is this…" A spoonful is tried and then, with a sigh, she works on getting it down, swallowing huge mouthfulls of the paste-like substance down with drink. Gods, please let this stay the frak down.

"You frakkin' kiddin' me? Shiiiit, Doc. You an' Cruz'r the ones keepin' us up. Even if you one hell of a stubborn SOB." Kostas says that with pride though, almost like a verbal brofist-bump. "Goo?" Kostas lifts one shoulder, as if to assist in getting her head up, but it doesn't get far. "Is 't animal medley magic meatloaf day again?" Though really, after what they've (not) been eating the last few days, sounds good to her. "Sounds just like them things mommy used ta make."

Leightner looks to the CMO and smiles, moving, "Healthy breakfast of oatmeal sir." He says cheerfully, collecting another tray and moving to Kostas. He's working now. Swiftly putting her tray table up, he sets the tray in front of Kostas, unveiling her hot bowl of oatmeal with a flourish, and a smile, "Just the thing." He grins as Brina gets her military breakfast type meal delivered to her.

Nadir watches O'Connell with a look of healthy suspicion in her eyes when the food is presented and she digs right in with a sigh. "Mmhmm," is mumbled by Nadir as she looks toward Kostas again, "I'm not stubborn, per se, I merely do that which is necessary," she explains, as that makes perfect sense to her. "And really?" wondered next, "You eat this stuff voluntarily?" she asks before eyeing LEightner again. "Do you think perhaps it's part of the training for every Marine, the belief that everything is food if it's presented properly?"

"Hey, it's better than what we *didn't* eat down there…" Fischer remarks, taking a few moments to wipe at his eyes again, before he lowers the pictures so he can get some food now. "But I usually prefer really homecooked food. Freshly caught and cooked fish, for example." Of course, that's what he spent lot of what time he could get on Piraeus doing, fishing.

"Uh-huh," is Kostas' diplomatic reply to Nadir's denial of stubborn SOBhood. "Hell, it don't gotta be presented properly! I remember th' first time I went to one of them fancy brass shindigs, at th' old lady's retirement ceremony. Now why the fuck is there call for havin' 6 forks and 3 spoons and two knives for a plate of food that got like 3 weirdass small mouthful things on it? Some folks got *weird* ideas 'bout what's presentation, Doc. Any of you ever seen them things?" Kostas asks with dismay.

Leightner looks at Kostas, and smirks, "Start at the outside work your way in and let someone else take the first bite." He grins, and turns, moving back to the Mess cabinet, then pauses by Nadir as she poses her question, "I've seen some survival experts so, yes, sir." He smiles and moves to continue distributing food. Breakfast time in Sickbay.

Brina just eyes Samtara curiously, not exactly sure what that all is about. "It is food," she mumbles just as another bit of oatmeal is shoveled into her mouth. "And hell. We were on short-rats, you know. Food…" She waves her spoon, "… any food is good. And you said we have to eat." So neener!

"You do realize what's swimming around in the water with those fish, yes, Corporal?" Nadir wonders of Fischer with a mild shudder at the thought. "The practice stems from the notion that each individual course should be enjoyed with a fresh utensil, thus not spoiling the flavor of the next course with the remnants of the last. And the different knives are for the different types of food. A cheese knife, for example, is designed so that the cheese doesn't' stick to the blade. Just as a steak knife is designed to be serrated to cut through steak without tearing it, a butter knife is somewhat self explanatory," she adds with another of those small shrugs, as this also seems logical to her. Most things do, in fact. "You probably believe that bugs and the like are protein, and therefore sufficient for the base requirements of daily nutrition?" she wonders. "Short-rats.. oh, shot rations," she smiles at Brina, "Good. Good. Do eat."

The bowl and glass are both emptied and then she grins although it looks like she might feel a little ill for having bolted her food down. Bleh. Laying back, she closes her eyes and Brina spends a little time fighting the naseua.

Leightner smiles as he moves, distributing some trays, "Well, sir. I was at a survival training retreat on Warday and yes, alternative food sources were covered. But my training was interrupted, sir. Inconsiderate Cylons. Reguardless, I'm afraid that there will be no wine pairing at this meal."

Lleufer is oblivous to the conversations though on some subconscious he may be vaguely aware of their voices, the cecession of bitter cold, the lack of gun fire and shelling impacts. Or fall all you know he's dreaming of eating a huge steak with a bananna sunda while seated at his family ranch back home on Aerilon. Whatever the case, the Sergeant lays where he was placed, still breathing as the machines record his life signs and his IV drips quietly.

"Fresh? How come? You just makin' more work for someone else. Unless th' food tastes like shit so you don't wanna lick your fork 'r something. Even though you should like take a bite to show respect. Or somethin'." She has manners!! Nadir's explanation largely draws a blank, uncomprehending stare. "B-but…I mean…meat's gonna go in your mouth and you gonna chew it up. So it gonna get torn up anyhow ain't it?" She contemplates the bugs. "I guess they might have somethin' in em. Quiets yer stomach a bit. But if that's all you got you gonna be a stick. Better t' find some roots. Or catch small animals if ya can. But they keep th' pangs down, I'll give 'em that."

"Crackers," She prescribes to Brina, "as ballast," Nadir clarifies as she walks through the room and fetches a packet of those -dry as bone- crackers and passes the package to Brina. "It'll help," she advises with a measured nod that turns, honestly, into a mild shudder. "Just because you can it it, Leightner, doesn't mean you should," she retorts with another grimace of mild distaste. She continues her tour of the room to stop at Lleufer's bed, checking the machines that are tied to him, reads his vitals, checks the chart attached to his bed before fishing a small penlight out of one pocket (no,she never leaves home without one) and uses it to check his pupils. "It's not that it all ends up in the same place, Kostas, it's that eating is not merely the mechanical act of getting fuel into the body. A meal, especially one made of multiple courses, individual dishes, is designed to be enjoyed. The sight, the smell, the artistic arrangement of each plate, the presentation. There's a difference, mind, between grabbing a burger - however amazing it may be - a plate of fries and a cold beer; a difference between that and a banquet on bone china, silver flatware, crystal glasses, fine wine of the like that costs a months pay to acquire even just one bottle of, let alone what it costs per glass."
<FS3> Samtara rolls Medical: Good Success.

"Other creatures, sometimes people as well," Fischer replies with a nod to Samtara, before he adds, "That's life, after all." Eating a bit more now, before he glances between the others again. Taking a sip of his drink too.

Leightner looks at Nadir, "Tarum '28 I think." Naming quite a wine. He moves to Brinas bed, to take her tray back to the bottom of the Mess Cabinet. "Question of should or can, sir. But the retreat saved me life, so I can't fault it."

"Yeah, Fischer!" Kostas says encouragingly. "Guess I ain't thought 'f it that way before. Just don't let Mallas provide th' drinks." She furrows her brows in thought. "Wonder how that'd look dressed up on china an' crystal?" Apparently undisturbed, she takes a bite of her oatmeal slurry.

She does not, this time, shudder though it's a close thing. "Do you have any idea how many types of bacteria are swimming around with. . Ok," Nadir waves this line of thought away with a twitch of one hand, reaching for the ballpoint in her pocket after checking on Lleu and making notes in his chart. "Pupils equal and reactive, neither are blown or distorted," she murmurs in a rather technical or rather clinical tone of voice, making that notation as she speaks it. "That's a good wine, from what I've been told," she remarks in turn to Leightner. "Does Mallas not have good taste when it comes to drink?" she wonders of Kostas, curiosity in her tone of voice.

The banter and perhaps some food in her belly seems to have taken quite a bit out of the Ensign. She laughs hard at poor Sam's question though, even though it hurts like hell and brings tears to her eyes. "Oh gods. I…I guess you could say that, yeah, Doc. We ain't tried it yet though!" She fades fast though, still smiling, until she drops off to grey-faced and sweaty restless sleep.

Dr. Nadir pries his eyelids open to check them, flashing her penlight. Ynyr does not react, laying as he was before, breathing at least. Lleufer doesn't show any signs of consciousness.

Leightner looks between Kostas and the CMO, collecting trays and returning them to the bottom of the Mess cabinet. Then he moves on to change an IV bag. "Feel like I missed that joke." He comments smiling, but it's good she's laughing.

Fischer shakes his head a little bit at Samtara's words, "Many, I suppose?" Shrugging a little now as he finishes the rest of his food. "Ah, that was the best meal I've had in days," he remarks, before he looks to Kostas again, unable to hold back a chuckle at the mention of Mallas and the drinks. "It's for the best if we don't let him handle the drinks, yes."

"I feel like perhaps I don't want, necessarily, to get the joke," Nadir decides aloud with a decisive shake of her head. "So," she finds a chair and seats herself in it, studying Leightner across the room. "How are the civilians holding up? any of the expectant mothers in labor yet?"

Leightner smirks as he moves to collect Fischers tray, moving to the Mess cabinet, "No, not yet. Though I've been here, and am not actively working Maternity, sir. So no news." Best he has at the moment.

"You said it," Nadir agrees in a somewhat dry tone of voice. "I'm a surgeon, not obstetrician, for a reason," and a damned good reason at that. "Civilian's, by and large, are difficult to deal with. But I've found that expectant parents, of both genders, are almost . ." and here she shakes her head, "they are most difficult to handle. Their responses and reactions are not moderate or tempered. And expectant fathers ought to be penned up while the expectant mothers are in delivery. It would be less stressful for all around. Or possibly sedated."

As he listens, hearing the part about expectant fathers, Fischer turns so he can look away from the others. Taking the photos of his guardians, and staring at them for a long while, with some kind of stubborn silence or something like that.

Leightner pauses as he listens to Nadir speak and closes the Mess cabinet door, "True. Odd, but true." He agrees before looking to Fischer a moment as he turns to check on Kostas inert form.

"And it would be much quieter," Nadir adds before she settles her attention, undivided, upon Leightner. "So, as we have a brief moment," she glances around - no one is bleeding, screaming, fussing, etcetera - and back to Leightner, "give me the over view of your service and training?"

Leightner checks on Kostas' work and moves on, looking to Sam, "Mmm." Gathering his thoughts takes a moment, "Well, sir. Came up through the Virgonese Navy. Took me medical qualifications at tha Seventh Fleet Anchorage, an made Corpsman at the Seventh Fleet Baseside, Virgon." He considers a moment, "Made Corpsman proper fourteen months before Warday." He considers, "A tour, an I was off fer survival training." He shakes his head, "Since Warday, Reconnected with tha Navy, was cut off fer a while. Placed in combat rotation till I was tapped fer the Orion."

"I'm sorry, but I can't come to you yet." Fischer's probably unaware that his words are spoken with an outside voice. "But she needs me to be around for a while longer, you see." He's got the photos in front of him, and seems to be speaking to one of them at the moment.

Nadir makes a quiet sound, almost but not quite a chuckle of rather dry amusement, "Survival training indeed. You were maybe lucky to be off for survival training. Though I'm not one to speak of luck or the lack thereof, it's good to have you with us. We've needed more corpsman to go with the active marine elements since day one. As you can see," she makes a wave of one hand to indicate her general shot up status, "I'm not a marine. far, very very far, from it. About as far as it gets, in fact, before starting to creep back around the circumference away from it."

Leightner nods, "I think we're at opposite ends of the Medical spectrum sir. I'm a front line battle triage medic. You're a surgical artist." He smiles, "Don't worry sir. I have triage skills an can assist in surgery." Instrument caddy! He looks to Fischer and heads to the mans bed, "What's that, corporal?" He asks as if he were spoken to.

"Artist? I would aspire to that, yes," Nadir replies, her tone of voice slightly arch now, pensive perhaps, "but I think of myself as a mechanic, of the human body, but a mechanic all the same. And I like to win, and a win means the best surgical outcome for the patient on the table, every time. I'm highly competitive, save for on the gunnery range that is, but I like to win. And I like to be right. And if doing things by the book will make that Win a reality, then we'll go by the book every inch of the way. IF by the book will make it a surgical loss, then we'll not only go outside of the box, we'll leave the sector that contains the box behind and find another way. The easiest and most logical solution is often the first string theory and practical application of. It's only when the standard doesn't work that we must then take the avenue of the exotic. " She cuts her eyes toward Fischer, studying the marine for a silent moment while Leightner speaks to the mumbling Corporal.

Fischer pauses a little as he hears someone speaking to him. "I just… I knew it back when we were down there. I had to make it out of there, you know. There's someone back on Piraeus needing me to stay alive…" Looking between the pictures now, before he turns slightly to offer a quiet smile to the two medical people.

Leightner listens and nods, "Well, corporal, looks like you've kept yourself alive fer them." He smiles, "Don't worry. We'll get ya on yer feet ta see em, alright?" He's doing that bedside manner thing. Looking to Sam, he nods, "Understood."

Nadir returns the nod that Leightner offers, "Excellent," she says, quietly, and rises to her feet again. "Now, I need a cup of coffee and to start on some paperwork," she tugs the ridiculous robe a bit more securely into place, tugs at the belt as well, before narrowing her eyes again at the sparkly white sneakers she's wearing. "And I want some of my own clothing again, I think I'll see to that as well. I'll be in the office," she nods in that direction, "door open. Yell if you need anything," before starting toward her office as a moderate pace.

"Only one of them," Jason replies a bit quietly, expression loking a bit stubborn at the moment. "Only my little daughter. Her mother got killed a while back…" He goes silent again, looking back to the pictures now.
Samtara leaves, heading toward the CMO's Office [CM].
Samtara has left.

Leightner looks to Sam and nods, "Yessir." He looks to Fischer, and nods gravely, "I'm sorry. I know what thas like. " He says sadly. "Ya gonna make it back fer her."

Fischer nods a little as he hears Leightner's words. "I… wasn't able to be there for her first six years. So I'll do whatever I can to make sure I'm here for her from now on…"

Leightner nods, listening. "S'her name?" He asks, pulling a chair over, and sitting. "Left me Ariadne on Virgon when I went on tha survival training."

"Amanda," Fischer replies. "She's got my last name, but I was thinking… Maybe I should make sure she gets her mother's last name as a middle name, or something. It just feels like something that should be done…" A brief pause as he hears the rest of what was said. "On Virgon? I'm sorry to hear that…" he offers, a bit quietly.

Leightner nods, slowly, "Ta. Nothin that can be said fer that kind o thing." He swallows, and "Whotscher Amanda think o that idea? Mums name an all?"

Fischer considers that for a few moments now, "I don't think I've talked to her about it yet, the idea only hit me after we headed over here…" Another brief pause, before he lets out a bit of a sigh. "Another reason why I wish we could head back to Piraeus soon… Being on Picon only reminds me of things…"

Leightner shakes his head, "Ain't been reminded o much till ya brought them civvies back." He frowns. "We were expecting." He straightens his back, "So, ya gonna bring it up when we get back, ya? See if tha lil miss has an opinion?"

"I believe I will," Fischer replies, before he adds, "And I grew up down there. Lots of things reminding me of my mistakes…" A brief pause now, as he looks around for a few moments, "I'm Ed, by the way…" he finally offers.

Leightner smiles, "Ian. Leightner, PO, MEDIC! I go by lots o names." He chuckles, "Good ta meetcha. Gotta admit." He shakes his head a little, "Just got on. Been fighting since this happened.. this planet.." He shrugs, "Can't imagine a safe refuge."

Fischer nods a little bit as he hears that. "Many people have been feeling like that," he replies, a bit quietly, with a brief chuckle. "It's still true, though."

Leightner nods, "Well, good to know." He smiles, "Whotshe like ye wee one?" He looks across Sickbay, but seeing nothing happening, looks back.

"Wonderful," Fischer replies, before he adds, "Although I've only known her a few months." A brief pause, before he adds, "It's quite complicated."

Leightner smiles, lifting his hands, "I think simple situations are extinct these days, Mate." He shrugs. "Still gettin used ta being a dad, eh?"

Fischer shakes his head, "Simple situations still exsist. Just look at yesterday." He nods a bit at that last part. "I mean, until about when this whole mess broke out, I didn't even know I was one. And then a number of months wondering if she was dead or alive, before she was brought up here with a huge group of survivors…" A brief pause, before he adds, "And then, her mother getting killed." A brief pause, before he adds, "Been a rough year, or something. But I guess I should rest some more. Had trouble sleeping when we were down there…"

Leightner nods, "Aye, you get rest." He rises from the chair, "We gotcha now, Corporal. Ye'll be with yer Amanda soon enough. Gotta be thar when boys come a callin."

"Hopefully I'll still remember how to use a rifle when that time comes, right?" It's spoken quite lightly, as Fischer leans back in his bed again. Placing those photos near him, before he closes his eyes.

Leightner moves from Fischers bed to go round the line of injured people, changing bandages, IV bags, and the like.

Jena, who had been alternating between and sleep and awake, had heard some of the conversation but not most of it. She sits up again, stifling a yawn. "I swear I am going to be the most well rested PJ in history." This does not seem to please her so much if the expression on her face is any indication. She looks… disgruntled.

Leightner smiles as he approaches, "Ah, Jena, Ye hungry now that ya had a nice sleep? Got a bowl of oatmeal and oranje juice with yer name on it." He says. "In fact thas orders." He smirks, nodding to Sams office.

Once more, the thought of food brings an instant eject feeling to her stomach and Jena shakes her head. "Ohh no no. Not a chance.." Though the mention of orders has her looking towards Nadir's office. "Is she up and around already?"

Leightner nods, "Aye, she's up an resting in her office. Best we can get her to do fer now. But she's abiding by her treatment needs." He tilts his head to her, "Whotcha need then, Jena?" She's grown she knows what she should have.

"I want out of this bed and I want to help. I don't sit around doing nothing and sleep all day. I want to be in the fitness center, the pool, the head, even the laundry.. Anything but sit in a bed." But hey! Jena gets a rare calculating look. "If Nadir is out of bed.. means I can be, yes?" A hopeful expression sneaking into her eyes.

Leightner shakes his head, "No. Ya don't have an office ta fall asleep in to recover, an ya got different wounds." He sighs at Jena and nods, "I know ya do. It's alright we'll have ya up an helpin soon as we can. But ya know tha boss won't let ya up."

Jena gives Leightner a good natured smile. "Never hurts to ask, right?" Settled on the bed, but sitting up, one bare leg hanging over the edge, she glances towards the hatch. "Does anyone have any music at least?"

Leightner tilts his head, "Music? Not that I know. Don't have a piano in me pocket an sure don't have any recordings." He looks over to Mallas, still asleep. Boy's a saberbear afterall. Leightner tilts his head, "Want anything from ya spike? I can get anything ya need in ten."

"I have a music device that has music on it and Callen has some playing his harmonica on there. I just don't have it here. Would I be allowed to go get it?" Jena grins, still trying to fanangle a brief reprieve from sickbay.

Leightner sighs at Jena standing by her bed. "Well, lemmethink, may-NO." He shakes his head. "Tell me where it is an I'll get it here fer ya in ten minutes, alright?" Must keep the PJ from Parajumping sickbay restrictions.

Someone arrives at the hatch that lets into sickbay and opening it, he sticks his head in. Dark hair is tossled loosely to curl this way and that, dark eyes to peer through the medical area. Hobo wrinkles his nose at the smell, so very … antiseptic. But, after a moment he picks up what he set outside of the door and steps in to start looking around. It's rather beat up and missing a string but it seems he's brought his guitar with him. Is that even allowed in here? The Viper jock starts to walk slowly past the beds, quiet and looking for faces he knows. Man probably didn't come down here to talk to a bunch of Marines.

Not once is Jena fooled by Leightner and his teasing answer. She knows the rules, knows she's being difficult, but just can't seem to stop. So instead, her voice takes on a completely different tone, very deliberate on her part. "Ok, in the enlisted berthings, the fourth bunk down (I think) inside the locker, there's a box. Inside the box are panties, bras, stockings, that sort of things, the nice civilian ones, not the Navy issue." A teasing smile tugs at her lips, lopsided and mischievous. "The black lace ones, the red silk, the pink satin.. the tiny g-string and the garter belt.." Almost laughing now, she continues. "Well, just move that box aside, because it's behind it." Now, she does laugh in a self depreciating manner, tipping her head to the side as she regards him. Only then does she hear the newest arrival and looks up to see a member of the airwing. And then she sees his guitar! "Hobo!"

Leightner nods, "Aye, I'll just be off pawin through yer knickers." He looks to the Lieutenant and his guitar, then back to Jena, "Right back." He smiles and moves off to fetch Jenas music device, and allow these two to chat or whatever.

Alejandro overhears some of that as he comes to the foot of Jena's bed, "Hey, I want to do that." But, ehem, he's an officer so he coughs into his free hand, "I mean, yes, good man." Whoever that fellow was who just stepped out. The Viper pilot watches Leightner depart before he looks back to Jena, "I heard a certain Parajumper was stuck down here with a bunch of smelly Marines. Then I thought maybe she'd like a little company from her neck of the woods." Ale smiles and takes a seat, shifting his guitar aside. The battered old thing has what looks to be a sketch pad and a drawing pencil stuffed /right/ through the strings.

Scooting back on the bed, Jena offers the end of hers for him to sit on, her wounded on is hanging off the back side of it, out of the way. Her hospital gown is modest enough, though of course her legs are mostly bare, but they all show more than that in the showers. When Leightner moves off, she lifts a hand and waves, "Don't take any," she teases him once more before looking back to the Pilot. Giving him a mock pout face, she can't hold it long before she laughs. "They only smelled till they had a bath, now we're all equal." Resting her hands on her legs, she looks at the guitar, his sketch pad then back at him. "Will you play?"

The Lieutenant with the top two buttons of his uniform undone smiles as he watches Jena, "Do you want me to? I'm horrid, you know. I also can't sing. Or so my sister tells me." Alejandro leans over to pluck the sketchpad and pencil out, dropping them on the floor under his chair. He does not accept the offered seat on her bed, "I'll have to keep it down low to not bother anyone else. Anything in mind you want to hear?" That hopefully won't sound like a tortured cat?

Leightner is out of Sickbay for the moment, logged out as 'Patient Request'

"I do! I love music. All kinds of music. What kind do you play?" Jena is definitely eager for the music, but can't help but laugh at the bit about his sister. "Did you know sisters are supposed to do that? It's the rules you know." Lifting her hands, she shakes her head. "Not that I have any siblings, but I'm sure it's written somewhere." As she considers what she wants to hear, she laces her fingers together almost demurely, totally contradictory ro her more friendly personality. "Know any blues or anything?"
<FS3> Alejandro rolls Guitar: Good Success.

Alejandro cocks his head, "I know … guitar music. But I can fake my way through most things if they aren't too complicated." Blues, hmmm. Hobo eyes Jena and then he unclips his capo to readjust it on the neck, "I'm rather rusty and it's miss'n a string but I'll do my best. Didn't have anything to play while in the labour camps." He thinks for a moment and then begins to strum some chords to help him remember how an old song goes.

"Born under a bad sign
I been down since I begin to crawl
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all!

"Hard luck and trouble is my only friend
I been on my own ever since I was ten
Born under a bad sign
I been down since I begin to crawl
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all .."

It's clearly an old favourite of his he's played before. Jandro's tenor isn't trained but he's passably decent at singing along though he keeps it about as low and soft as he can manage so not, ideally, to piss of Marines who are trying to sleep. Even so, he might get fussed at so he passes a cautious glance for angry nurses.

Leightner returns fairly quickly with Jenas music player. He moves to the duty station and signs back in, looking over tot he sound of music playing. He approaches, apparently no one interested in shutting him up.

"I don't mind rusty." The words pop out automatically, but she really didn't mind! Labor camps, that was news to Jena.. she doesn't mention it though as he begins to play and sing. It's a song she had heard, she was pretty sure, but she didn't now the lyrics to it. She does sit and listen, appreciating his voice and the music. As Leightner returns, she watches as he approaches, motioning towards one of the chairs or the foot of her bed, letting him choose.

"I can't read, haven't learned how to write
My whole life has been one big fight
Born under a bad sign
I been down since I begin to crawl
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all…

"I ain't lyin'
If it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have no kind-a luck
If it wasn't for real bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all!"

"Wine and women is all I crave
A big legged woman is gonna carry me to my grave
Born under a bad sign
I been down since I begin to crawl
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all…

Yeah, my bad luck boy
Been havin' bad luck all of my days, yes!"

And there, Hobo ties it off with a soft flourish, remembering to keep it soft. It's an old, old blues song that used to be pretty famous, long ago. Alejandro quietly lays his hand over the strings and smiles, "I hope that wasn't too bad." He lifts his chin towards her, "Do you need anything? Glad to see you aren't hurt bad." His eyes skim over the sickbay for a long moment, aware that it was pretty rough.

Leightner smiles as he approaches, setting Jenas recorder at her easy reach before taking the chair, settling in "That was excellent, sir." He says with a smile, looking to Jena and grins. Looking about himself, he seems satisfied.

The lyrics are a lot of fun and Jena even taps her hand to the beat. When he finishes, she stops herself just short of applauding.. looking around at the sick patients. "That was amazing, Hobo!" The beaming look of approval still there as she shakes her head. "No, I'm fine." Lifting her music device to show him. "Unless you can record some on here for me. That would be fun." Her smile is given to Leightner now. "Thank you for getting it for me."

The Viper pilot leaves the beat up old guitar laying in his lap, hands resting idly on it, "You are too kind. I'm not good enough to record anything without some practice and even then…" Alejandro twists his mouth and looks at his fingers, "Need my calluses back in the right places. And a new string, but these things can be come by." He turns his head to Leightner, "Even'n, Petty Officer." Hobo looks back to Jena, whom he knows and leans back in the chair to pull a foot up over his knee, guitar and all, "They been treating you all right, Cruz? Going to let you out of here soon?"

Leightner smiles to Jena, inclining his head, "O course Jena." He looks to the Musical Lieutenant, then to Jena, "Wouldja introduce us then?" He smirks at Jena.

"Well if you ever feel confident enough to record some, I'd appreciate some on my device there." At his comment, Jena drops her gaze to the ends of his fingers and nods. "I imagine they are really tender right about now. I have a special request… someday. It's called Life By the Drop." It's a blues song by Stevie Ray Vaughn. "Yeah, they have. Leightner here has been trying to make me eat." Only then does she realize they haven't met. Ack! "I'm sorry.. Petty Officer Ian Leightner, Corpsman. And this is Lieutenant Alejandro Salazar, Viper Pilot. His sister is on board too."

Zhen arrives from the Fore Corridor.
Zhen has arrived.

"I don't know that one but I'll see if I can look it up, or maybe you can write it down and hum it for me. I can pick it up by ear." Alejandro says low. He shifts to put his foot back down off his knee and smiles to Leightner, "Pleasure, Corpseman. Bet they been keep'n ye busy." Hobo gives a negative movement of his head to Jena, "No, haven't played enough yet to make my fingers sore. Not yet." Softly he begins to pick up the opening chords to another old song before he begins to sing it low. He is careful not to look at Jena too much while playing this one, lest it give the wrong impression.

"It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"
And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight."

We go to a party and everyone turns to see
This beautiful lady that's walking around with me.
And then she asks me, "Do you feel all right?"
And I say, "Yes, I feel wonderful tonight."

I feel wonderful because I see
The love light in your eyes.

And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize how much I love you.
It's time to go home now and I've got an aching head,
So she leads the way and she helps me to bed.

And then I tell her, as I turn out the light,
I say, "My darling, you were wonderful tonight.
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight."

Leightner inclines his head to Alejandro. "Rainbows brother, ah, got it." He smiles then, listening to the music as he plays, apparently knowing that one, eyes drifting to a middle distance as the song plays.

And then a second voice comes up quietly as someone drifts in, singing harmony to the last couple of verses. Takes a moment but soon Zhen comes into view. There's something indescribable on her face, an expression that borders on sad, but there's also a soft smile to go with it, too.

Alejandro tips his head up as he hears his sister's voice coming up softly to sing with his own. He looks a little surprised but he smiles big, like … they hadn't done this together in many years. Far too many.

The words of the song, as they are voiced, Jena knows it was just for the songs sake, not for her own, no special meanings or anything so intimate. Since that is the case, she is able to enjoy it more than she would otherwise, enjoy it without being embarrassed, or awkward. "That song has always been one of my favorites!" She even hums along with it on some parts. "I'll write down the lyrics for you sometime." Leightener draws the appropriate connection between Hobo and Rainbow, and just then she hears Rainbow herself. Motioning towards the foot of her bed, she offers the seat to the ECO. "Pull up a chair, we can all listen. Isn't he great?"

Leightner turns his head, smiling as Rainbow slides into the song. He settles back into his chair, knowing when to just enjoy the music. He nods to Rainbow, acknowledging her and their prior meeting.

The seat is only accepted after Zhen slides behind her brother and gives him a hug, resting her cheek against that wavy (and probably unruly) hair of his. "Sorry… was heading to get something to eat and heard someone mention a guitar player being here. Had a feeling it might be you so came to investigate." A kiss is placed atop Hobo's noggin before she sits, giving Leightner and Jena both a smile. "Sorry for butting in."

Alejandro watches his sister whom until very recently, he hadn't seen in more than a decade, thinking her long lost. His notes have faded, as well as his voice and it's a softer, less embarrassed smile for her as he leans against her hugging behind him, "What trouble have you been getting into today, Zhen?" He glances back to Jena, pleased that she liked the song he played. Hobo rests his hands once more over the guitar in his lap, "How about you, Leightner. Do you play an instrument? What do you do for entertainment?"

"Oh no, not interrupting at all, you're more than welcome to come here any time." The return smile is warm and friendly as Jena watches the hug and little gestures of affection. If she looks wistful, she offers a simple explanation. "Only child, no siblings." But that was more for Rainbow's benefit since she'd already mentioned the same to Hobo and Leightner. Returning the look to Alejandro, she grins. "I'd really like to hear you play, anytime." As he asks an answer of Leightner, she looks back at him expectantly, awaiting his answer.

Leightner looks to Zhen, shaking his head, "Not at all. It was fantastic to hear the harmony." He grins and looks at Hobo, thoughtfully. "Well, once upon a time I played piano. Kind of out of practice, haven't seen one in, well, before Warday really. As fer entertainment.." He shrugs, "Till recently wasn't much of an issue. I suppose me needlepoint when it gets too quiet." The rough northern Virgonese accent as prevelant as ever.

There's a bit of a snort from one of the critical care beds, as Kostas finally shudders awake. She blinks, bleary eyed, as she tries to get her bearings.
<FS3> Alejandro rolls Guitar: Good Success.

Zhen turns her head towards the snort, her head angled just to the side. Kostas is just out of her line of sight at the moment but she does quietly call out a hello towards the direction it just came in. "Oh. I'm sorry to hear that, Cruz," she then responds. "I always… well, to be honest, I always felt sad for the kids who didn't have siblings." Her eyes lower then as she adds sheepishly, "Yeah… even though I made Jandro one, I guess…"

Perhaps there is time for one last song before his fingers are too sore to easily continue. But Alejandro said he needed the practice to get his hands used to it again. He watches the others as he listens and then softly begins to play, still keeping the volume level as low as he can so not to bother those who are trying to rest. His smile fades though before he says, "This is one I've been working on, trying to write. Not there yet, but maybe you'll help me." The lilt of the chords shift and change, interspurced with invidually picked notes…

"I see the bad moon arising.
I hear trouble on the way.
I see holocost and lightnin'.
I taste bad times today.

Death is come'n around tonight,
They won't take you without a fight,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

I hear the war winds ablowing.
I know the end is coming soon.
I fear rivers of blood flowing.
I hear the voice of rage and ruin.

Don't give up tonight,
Even if it takes your life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.
All right!

Hope you got your things together.
Hope you are quite prepared to die.
Looks like we're in for nasty weather.
One eye is taken for an eye.

Yet we'll fight the Cylons tonight,
Even if they're bound to take my life,
There's a bad moon on the rise.

Think of me tonight,
As we fly into the light,
There's a bad moon on the rise…"

Leightner pushes up from his chair at the snort and is moving silently, not disturbing the music to move to Kostas' bedside, checking on her condition immediately. That's what he's here for at this point.

"I think we should bring a Piano to Orion and have it set up in the Obs Deck. Or maybe back on Piraeus, in Charlie's. It'd be interesting." Jena had seen him working his needle point, so she doesn't seem surprised. Hearing the snort about the same time Zhen does, she looks over too. "Good evening, Sir." When Zhen offers sympathy, Jena hurriedly offers a head shake. "Oh, no don't be sorry. My whole childhood was.. odd. My grandmother raised me, I got into trouble in my teens.. had a choice. Enlist or go to jail. Here I am." She falls silent when he begins singing the one he'd been writing, swaying to the music very gently, not wanting to hurt her healing wounds.

Leightner is given a smile from Rainbow. "I am glad you like our singing. I am hoping it's something my brother and I will be able to do together, often." Jena's listened to, then and she can't help but to give a slow nod of understanding. "I am surprised I didn't wind up in the same boat. I ran away as a teen and could've gotten into trouble very easily." A soft sigh is given then and she falls quiet, Zhen watching her brother as he plays and sings. Something about his doing so softens her features, removing some of the tension and even seeming to smoothe out some of the harder angles to her face.

Kostas is still ashen and sweaty, though she manages a half-smile for Leightener as he comes over. "It ain't meatloaf surprise is it?" That growl is all deep Canceronian slum. She recognizes Jena's voice, so there's a "Evenin' PJ. You ain't escaped lockdown yet?" The other two she doesn't know, so she squints to make out ids or patches or something—but it's a little hard to do from her angle. Her eyes brush upwards towards the lock though. "It's still th' same day right? It's evenin' of th' same day." there's a tenseness in her tone that's hard to miss.

Alejandro doesn't entirely look pleased with his song yet. Still work'n on slowing it down, making it … something he hasn't captured yet. When it's finished, he frowns and lays his hands over the strings to quiet them. His gaze slips from Leightner to Jena, then to his sister Zhen and his furrowed brow eases. The guitar is set aside and he leans back, putting his hands behind his head, uniform buttons half undone. The Viper pilot turns his head when he hears one of the Marines wakeful. It's just as well he stopped playing. Hobo looks back to Jena, "I should slip out and let you get some rest. It's getting late."

Leightner nods to Kostas, "Aye, you've been out fer a few hours, sir. That's all." He tells her, looking over the wounds she has on her, ensuring that her start awake isn't a sign of something else. Seeming satisfied, he straightens. "Anything ya want right now?" He looks to the pilots and smirks, "A good song, sir. I like it." He looks back to Kostas, "Somma tha Air Wing down ta visit our Jena."

Zhen looks at her brother, a brow raised. It isn't asked if he'd like her to join him but he might catch onto the unspoken query despite no words being said. When she does speak it's to everyone as a whole, including Kostas even though she hasn't caught sight of her, yet, "I do hope everyone will feel better soon. And stop getting fraking hurt, huh?"

Jena reaches out to gently graze her knuckles over Zhen's arm, if she allows it. "I understand, sometimes home just.. isn't the place to be." It's about as solemn as Jena ever gets. Hearing Kostas, her smile makes a sudden reappearance. "Not yet, I keep trying but Ian is having no part of it at all. He's too tough. Even the pout didn't work." Looking back as Alejandro mentions leaving, she tilts her head to the side. "I have a few things I've written over the years, you're welcome to try and put music to them if you're interested." Though a hasty reassurance follows. "No need to leave, unless you have to." As Leightner replies to Kostas also, she smiles at him. "The Air Wing is great too, maybe you should meet all of them. And they should meet these great Marines."

"Got a notepad 'r somethin'? Kostas asks Leightner. "Need t' send a couple 'f requests. And work on that godsdamned report. When you get th' chance, it ain't an emergency 'r shit like that." She grunts a little as she blearily regards the other two. "Air Wing, eh? Guess that Captain ain't th' only one to play somethin'. Maybe ya'll should make a band." She laughs at Jena's response. "Well, he is a corpsman. Maybe you gotta armwrestle him instead."

"Have you now?" Alejandro asks Jena, "Well, might be I can. Don't have a lot of time for it just now but hopefully, soon." He moves to stand, picking up his guitar, sketch pad and drawing pencil, which he slides carefully through the strings of the guitar to make carrying it all easier. "Afraid I've got about 5 hours left to catch some sleep, then I fly back out. Wish me luck not to get my ass shot up. It's pretty hot down there in places." Hobo passes a look to Kostas and grins, "Perhaps we will, after the war!" Oh wait, he's supposed to keep his voice down in here. Jandro turns and slips his arm around his sister, either to give her a parting hug or to welcome Zhen to walk back to berthings with him. They still have a lot of catching up to do.

Leightner grins at Kostas, "Tryin ta get me in trouble, sir?" He turns moving to open a drawer and gets a clipboard, with a pad and a pen. "Need me ta write it down, or can ya?" He asks, realizing he doesn't know if Kostas's left hand wound means he'll be taking down her requests or not. He looks to the pilots, grinning, then back to Kostas.

Tired as he is, and likely on stims too, Alejandro at least seems to be holding up all right so far. Or can fake it well enough for a little music.

"No time like th' present, flyboy," Kostas grins back. "Ya never know where you gonna be tomorrow. Go kick some asses for us down there, since we don't get t'play." She shakes her head at Leightner. "Nah, I can do it. Though if I tell ya at least th' admin won't laugh at me. Gotta learn though. Fuckers."

Okay. Zhen was going to leave and might look like she might as she gets to her feet in mid-embrace but Alejandro is allowed to go back on his own. Zhen will stay and visit for awhile longer. "See ya later, brother mine." He's left to his own devices and she settles back in, just now catchiing on to that quick touch from Jena. "Yeah. Just gotta get the frak out while the getting's good and all that, right?"

Leightner sets the Tray table at Kostas bed up so she can access the paper and clipboard. "When you're ready fer me ta send any of these off, I'll have it to the destination." He smiles, "I guess it is the best time to get caught up on paperwork, sir." He looks at Jena and just makes a face at her, before grinning.

Considering Leightner thoughtfully, Jena suddenly grins. "An armwrestle get me out of here for breakfast in the morning if I feel up to it?" Seriously thinking he will say definitely not. He was a play by the rules type of person. To Alejandro, she nods, meeting his eyes, if he happens to look back at her. "Oh sure, not anytime soon, but it'd be fun. I really like writing." When he stands, she watches him and offers a salute from her seated area. "Sleep well, Hobo. Five hours though? Better get some real sleep in that time." Teasing him after the whole mess hall incident. Looking back at Zhen, she grins. "Never thought about it like that.. yeah, that's perfect."

"Should see that'n shoot, Leightner. Cruz could totally kick your ass." Kostas declares confidently, though she gives a wink to Jena. "So who's this now?" she asks, looking towards Zhen. "Wonder if I still keep doing shitty reports if eventually they don't make me do 'em no more?" she considers. "No wonder them intelligence types 'r assholes. They probably got a headache from all them papers."

Leightner looks at Jena, "Well, let me think about it, maybe-NO." He replies, then looks at Kostas, "She may well, but I'm more worried about the CMO and her effect on me arse when she hears I let our JEna loose on tha ship without warning everyone." He moves to Jenas beside, letting JEna handle intros if she will.

"Ensign Kostas, this is Rainbow, she's the sister of the Viper pilot with the guitar, Hobo." Callsigns galore. Jena smirks at Leightner. "So mean.." She's not feeling those words, just making light of the situation all together. When Leightner approaches, she reaches out and touches his arm. "Hmm, you have the muscles.."

"Yeah, well, there's all that shit 'bout puttin' on your own mask before you put on someone else's too, but th' CMO don't apply it to her own self," Kostas replies, then looks at Leightner with a raised brow. "Unless ya wrestled her to some kinda bed too." Kostas is on the small side, especially grey faced and sweating and swathed in bandages in the critical care section, but stubbornness seems to keep her going for the present. Jena and Leightner are nearby, Leightner being the uninjured one about. "Rainbow, huh," Kostas says at the introduction.

Its that young pilot that keeps winning things. Or is it the one that keeps crashing things? Or is it some random young-looking pilot? Take your pick. She steps into Sickbay slowly, trying to stay to the side and out of peoples' way. Clad in her blues, Kelsey moves closer in and eventually settles in a chair not far from the beds without causing a fuss. Physically she looks fine even if she was released from here a week ago. No cane, no return for more pain meds.

Leightner looks down at Jena trying to size him up for a broken arm, "Oh, aye, yer just buildin me ego up." He looks at Kostas, and smiles, shaking his head, "Oh no, not willing to push me luck with tha CMO any more, thankee." He notices someone enter Sickbay and take a seat, looking to Jena as he steps away. Work to do. Approaching Kelsey, his heavy Virgonese accent comes, "Excuse me, sir. I'm Petty Officer Leightner, how can I help you?" Saluting is frowned upon in Sickbay but repsect for an officer is present.

The spirit is willing but, alast, the body is weak, or at least it is when it comes to being able to stay awake. Like her brother, Zhen's really tired thanks to the fast pace everything has been happening and she thinks some rack time's in order. "Ask me to explain that to you sometime," she says with a grin to her voice, that said to the Ensign. "Excuse me but I think I should try to get some sleep. Take care, all." She gives everyone a node and she even goes as far as to pat Kelsey on the shoulder, perhaps mistaking her for a patient and wanting to offer her some support? Left to guess upon as she's gone.

Jena is seriously winding down. She's almost healed, but she's worn out all the same. She leans back against her bed, listening to the conversation around her. As the pilot walks in, she offers a smile, but it's brief when Leightner gets her attention. "Like you need any ego building, Ian," Jena teases. "I'm going to get some sleep. See you when I wake up, Kostas, Ian." Another nod to the ECO as she leaves and to the newly arrived pilot before she lays back down for some sleep.

Kostas seems content to kick back for the moment, eyeing the notepad and writing utensil now at her side dubiously. While Leightner goes to speak to Kelsey, the other ensign sighs forlornly as she picks up the pen. Kos chews at her lip slightly before starting to scribble soemthing, writing painfully slowly. "'D rather use 5 forks and 2 spoons at every meal," she grumbles quietly, under her breath.

Kelsey doesn't seem to realize someone is addressing her. She looks around Leightner a moment before meeting his eyes. 'Sir?' Oh, right. "Oh, uh. Hi. I was wondering if I could just sit and watch for a bit. Maybe just sit here to see the wounded coming in and going out? I'm not actually sick or injured or anything." And then someone is patting her on the shoulder. She seems more confused by this and as her eyes come back down she looks over to Kostas and stares for a moment before looking away again.

Leightner listens to Kelsey, and tilts his head, "Generally it's not interesting enough to warrent spectators, so general viewing is frowned upon, but if you'd like to visit the wounded, or meet them, I can introduce you, Ensign.." He leaves that trailing off as if asking her to fill in the blanks.

Kelsey shakes her head gently and rises from the chair. "No, I'm a pilot. Not much in common with most of the people here. I heard they're mostly Marines. I think its probably better that I leave."

Leightner smiles to Kelsey, looking over his shoulder at Kostas. Then back to Kelsey, "See?" He nods to Kostas as if she personally were the reason general viewing is discouraged. Everywhere. Her. He watches her, curiously as she leaves.

"Chin up, flygirl," Kostas calls out at Kelsey as she's going, probably without irony at the raised voice. "Don't let nobody bein' an asshole get t'ya." She sets her pen aside. "Damn this' worse than bootcamp PT," she says more quietly, closing her eyes. "Guess th' report's gonna have t' wait awhile after all."

Leightner turns and moves to Kostas' bedside "The writing or coming up with a report, sir? Not that it matters to me. You've got the whole department willing to excuse you from paperwork."

Kostas barks out a laugh. "Both, t' be honest. Ya know, I got th' lowest score on them exams you can get an' still get accepted t' the Marines. AIT was a little better, but only because I bust my ass and memorize how shit looks 's well. It ain't like I'm illiterate 'r nothin' but…let's just say I got a late start." Her eyes are still closed, but she's smiling. "Always did like t' give th' folks that think I don't got a brain a big fuck you."

Leightner chuckles, nodding slightly. "I understand, sir. Everybody who looks at ya an just thinks yer tha picture they see." He grins. "There's surprises in everybody."

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