AWD #013: A Day in Paradise
A Day in Paradise
Summary: Zachary spends some much needed time with Eden after the recons are completed.
Date: 20/Jan/2013 (OOC Date)
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Zachary Eden 
Valley - Piraeus
A valley field on Piraeus.
20 Jan 2005

It's the rare occassion that Zachary can get Eden in his bird. Rescuing her from a failed experiment is one thing, but just finding an excuse to fly her is another. Fortunately, the end of the universe allows this. Flying low and slow over the landsape of Piraeus, Zachary has Eden in the co-pilot's seat as the scout the land below. "…you finished the soil cores?" he asks as he glances towards her on occassion as they fly along.

"Which area are we flying to first?" he asks, bringing up a map of the area to overlay. He's able to fly and to look over at her on occassion. Watching her. Admiring her. Something is definetly on his mind.

Excitement. This idea of the future helps to clear all the weight that has oddly been able to carry for him. She has not shed a tear, has not even stopped to slow down. Work. Eden just continues to work and carry on. "THey are taking a bit longer, some are thawing still. I need to do a granular check and sense test to make sure." She explains about the samples.

When the map comes up, she leans over and places a finger on the upper northwest quandrant. "Here I think might have optimal rainwater and nutrient run off. Vallies and kettles are good for that." She explains. "Or an alluvial plain and that would be down here."

"How many acres are you considering?" Zachary says, his voice slightly subdubed. As excited as he is, he tries to show it, but his eyes are narrowed in thought. She can tell it in the subtle changes at home. They aren't practicing for a child nearly as much as they promised they would, which should be accpetable, considering that Zach has a ton of new responsibilies.

And again, he glances at her, and smiles. "I love you." he finally says, out of the blue. "I don't know if I have said that yet today, but I just wanted to let you know." he says, as he brings the Raptor in low and slow over the valley. The noise spooks a pair of deer that go racing across the valley floor.

Five years may not be long enough for some, but that is a life time for Eden to have gotten to know her husband so that when he says he loves her, its not something unexpected rather coupled with his attitude that alerts her more than anything else. Eden smiles for him, "I don't know, depends on what we find, Zach."

Pausing, she watches the valley slip away below them before she reaches over to touch his arm. "What is wrong, Zachary. Tell me. I told you to not keep things from me." There is worry on her face.

"It shouldn't be anything." Really, it shouldn't, but it was a gut punch anyway. "One of my pilots asked me the other day how I can expect to understand their loss when my own wife is safe here." Zachary says quietly, his hand leaving the controls to cover hers for a moment before returning to the sticks.

"It hurt. A lot. Like I don't know of loss. That I didn't have family. I know that for nearly a decade, you have given me everything I can ever ask for, but for someone to suggest that I couldn't empathize because I 'was lucky'…" he trails off, angry more than anything as he turns the Raptor around at the edge of the hills, a large creek running through the hills. "If it's going to be sustainable, we will need to have to have lots of acerage." he comments. "Since command won't let us have a house, this is my work around. We can live in the Ag Center if it's expanded enough to be a farm."

"Oh, Zach." Eden frowns and sighs, "Sweetheart…they are just hurt. They are probably envious that we still have each other. So much loss, uncertainty, they are not dealing well with it and you are a scapegoat. Sweetheart." She looks back our and around. "Set this damned Raptor down now." Its an order, from his wife. "I want you to talk to me..about all that is happening. Well everything you can tell me."

Military likes its secrets. They have had this talk before. "Zachary, you have lost a great deal, we all have." She doesn't dare ask about the full extent of losses, she's shored up decently at present. "For them to say that? Its ignorance and pain. They want someone else to hurt like them but they don't yet realize we all are hurting."

Zachary listens to Eden, as he scans the ground, looking for a place to set the Raptor down. Finally, he finds a place, setting it down in the middle of a large grassy field, the grass coming up higher than the landing slats of the bird.

"The rules have changed, Eden." he says quietly to her as he shuts down the engines of the Raptor and lowers the backdoor. "Come on, it's not too cold, we can sit on the back deck and talk." he comments as he raises from his seat and offers his hand to her.

Once she raises, they walk towards the back, and he continues to talk. "You already know I plan to return to Picon, right?" he asks her, "I need to see if we can find out where the Baxter Bay fleet may have run to." It may take her a second to place the name of the Super Dreadnought that he's going looking for.

Joining him, Eden walks to the back of the Raptor and moves to look outside, her gaze going distant before returning to him. "Yes, I remember…a mission I wish you were not going on." She admits softly and frowns a bit more. Her eyes close and she lets out a heavy breath. "I understand the need, Zachary. But nothing has changed from that…we were talking about those at your command."

She looks back out over the valley, trying to remain that steadfast support he needs.

"I'm getting there, sweetheart." Zachary promises as he takes a seat there on the back deck, offering his lap to Eden to settle into if she wants. "..I'm taking a pair of nuclear devices with me to try to bring down one of the basestars, if Command allows." he finally says.

"My command has been questioning why we aren't rushing in to help Aerilon. Or Picon. Or even Leonis." he says with a sigh as he looks out over the valley. "I'm trying to show them that we can do something without throwing what may be the last fleet in standing into the meat grinder for a little revenge." he says evenly.

Nuclear. Eden's heart stops and she stares outward. Shock, aching worry begins to suffuse her limbs and she tries to keep it together for him. Stay together. Its an inner monologue that is failing as her head bows and she stares at the wing. Slowly she lowers down into his lap and she says nothing. She stays silent and seems detached somehow.

She's trying to shore herself back up for him. Strength. Strong. Eden needs to remain that and she is losing the battle as she trembles in his lap.

Zachary holds her a little tighter. He promised her. No secrets. Sharing the bad is part of that. "I will make sure I am well away from the blast, Eden." he promises her and kisses her temple. "After all, I will have Booboo with me." there's a smile at that, as he tries to comfort her.

"I need to show them that we are not just sitting on our ass. And if this is what I have to do, then I'll do it." he comments quietly. "They all want this big stand up battle. Cylons on one side. Us on the other. And we'll be wiped out like that. It's not that simple. Maybe this will work. Maybe it won't." he says quietly. "But I have to try."

"I know…oh Hera I know…" She whispers and offers him a wan smile. Eden tries desperately to hold on to some sense of stable footing but her world is continuing to spin out of control. She draws a deep, ragged breath and continues to smile. "I will beat you if you don't bring BooBoo back to his husband." That said she eases some, trying to lean into him.

"Just don't get shot up, okay? Nukes go boom no matter who's got em and I would prefer it was them and not you." She presses her forehead to his cheek, closing her eyes and doing a rather splendid job about not falling apart right then and there.

"Honey, I won't let them touch me. I want to come home and see you for a long time to come." he promises her and accepts her leaning into him. "Morale's low. And the rules are falling apart at the seams." he admits to her. "I have one of my ECOs that seems to be putting a notch in her belt for every available officer she can get her hands on. And I'd address it, but I have so much other stuff going on. A pilot and ECO getting ready to marry. A pilot that I was told to fabricate a story that his wife and baby are still alive, even if they died before the war started, because the Chaplain that may or may not be falling for him asked me to. A pilot that seems to question me at every turn." he lets out a slow breath. "There are days where I wonder if I did the right thing, taking this position. It's not fair for me to place any burden on you that was not already there. And I know when I carry this load, you wish to help me take it off my hands." he looks to her. "Even if I had lost you, I'd still talk to you every day. You have spoiled me, Eden Sheperd."

"Good, and I will give you good luck to make sure they do not." Eden says and squeezes around him a bit more tightly. Listening, she gazes off into the fields and then nods her head again. "This is exactly why they need you…the rest are falling apart and you are standing tall. They need that clear guidance, someone tot turn to." She tilts her head to consider his hands, his chest and her own lifts to press lightly to it, trailing fingers up to his neck and cheek. "Good…because if I hadn't spoiled you then I did my job wrong." That smile grows even more so before she lets out a long breath. "Marriage means good and bad, Zach. That means carrying the load with you and I want to."

He relishes in that touch, that feeling that rushes through him. Damn him for being possessive. Damn him for being fortunate that his wife survived. Damn him that she still loves him, despite all the hell breaking loose and that she wants to still have a family. He doesn't cry, but his eyes pull down to study her. "…I could not stand without your hand on my back to remind me of your support, Eden." he says quietly and presses a kiss to the side of her neck. "I had a long argument with a doctor because she was worried that me downing a basestar with a nuke would irradiate the area below it!" he suddenly laughs. "The Cylons have used nukes in damn near every coloy in the system, and this doctor is preaching at me about nuclear usage." he laughs, in spite of himself.

Then its like she can't stand it anymore. "What about Aquaria?" The talk of the colonies finally brings it up and Eden keeps her cheek to his, holding on to him and running her hands down his back. She's done well so far, this little bit of information is wanted, needed almost. Her hands press into his back and hold still as she waits, afraid to hear but wanting nonetheless. "Tell me, please." She says evenly. Calm.

He had forgotten. "Dammit. I am so sorry, beloved." he says quietly, honestly. "It's dark there. The recon team didn't go any deeper than that. I don't know. There was a basestar there, that is usually a sign that there is action there, so it is my hope that it is only occupied and not.. gone." he says, as Zachary hugs her tightly. "I wish I could tell you your family was okay." Or his family. Or anyone's family. "I'm so sorry, my love.." his head buries against her shoulder, holding there. He draws from her, but they need each other just as much.

"Well that is good news, I suppose," she manages to breathe out. "Don't worry.." she says and manages a smile. "The planet is whole…its more than I could have hoped for." Eden bottles it up quickly and smooths her hand down the back of his neck. Squeezing him closely, she worries her lip with her teeth and then goes still, just enjoying their embrace. She's not crying. In fact when she pulls away she looks oddly calm and put together. "Lets take a walk." She says and starts to rise.

As she rises, Zachary supports her until she's on her feet and then he pushes himself up. "I didn't pack a picnic today." he teases her as he starts to follow her down the ramp, slipping his hand into hers, his flight suit a stark contrast to her civilian clothes.

Squeezing his hand, she pulls closer to his side and bumps his hip with her own. "I will make due, besides, I would rather just walk with you." she admits and studies his face before turning and leaning up to place a brief and gentle kiss to his lips. "Come now, I believe I know where we are. there is a beautiful stream just ahead coming off one of the smaller mountainsides." She expresses and begins to lead him.

"Off hiking we go. You always were so much better at that than I." Zachary chuckles, and follows her down the ramp and off on their walk.

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