AWD #117: A Council of Callsigns
A Council of Callsigns
Summary: In which the new CAG, and several others, are given new callsigns by an assemblage of pilots and ECOs. Over booze, of course.
Date: 03/05/2013 (OOC Date)
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Checkpoint Charlie's — Piraeus
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.
AWD #117

Phoenix steps into the establishment and moves to the bar, "If they're wearing wings, its on me." he says simply, "A whisky for myself." and so, it is served. He takes the glass, finds a table that would face the 'Wing' who had collected so far. "Hear ye, Hear ye. We the Commander of Orion's good and honorable WIng call this council together to decide the names by which we fly, may we hold them till we die. As this is the first such council, I- Major Phoenix Straton- an unnamed Eco am adrift and unknown. I throw myself on the mercy of this council and ask for a right and honorable name. Lets hear the names, and why you think its a good- or a bad one!" Phoenix calls the meeting to 'order' by throwing back his whiskey, and slamming the glass on the table.

Having stepped in as well, Jason looks around a bit thoughtfully. Moving to get himself a drink, a whisky for him as well, it seems, he then slowly steps over to find himself a seat. Looking around for a few moments now, to see who it is that makes the first suggestion.

For once, Maia didn't use the opportunity as a night to dress up. Tonight she's in her fatigues and is already heading for the bar, ordering just in time to hear the council called to order. With a quick grin, she takes her own drink and sips it, not intending to get too terribly drunk. "So a callsign for you sir. Let me think."

Ygraine already has her beer courtesy of her challenge coin. She salutes the CAG as he walks in. "Ash! Flames! Bonfire! What have you done that's embarrassing enough to merit it? Confess! We have ways of making you talk. They mostly include alcohol."

Phin enters somewhere in the midst of a grouping of pilots, and goes to seat himself over by Ygraine. A general "Hey" is given all around, before he orders himself a beer. He doesn't offer any callsign suggestions immediately, but the prospect of a story seems to interest him.

"Oh, I've done plenty." Phoenix replies, with a bit of a quiet half smile. "But I'm under no requirement to out myself here- no one is. Its up to you mooks to figure out something suitable for me. You've all gotten a little chance to get to know me- but.. In the spirit of the council you may each ask me a single question each to help decide what I'll be called when we're in the air."

Maia walks over and takes a seat as well with the others, nodding to Jason, Phin, Ygraine and the CAG. "So, a callsign. I'm thinking.." And she goes blank. "So, I like your coffee, that's a bonus, but I'm not going to call you that." She offers a grin. "Let me think on this.'

Phoenix gives a nod, lifting his hand towards the bar. His glass empty. Another glass of whisky is brought his way and he begins to sip quietly. "Anyone else?" he asks, as he looks to the others gathered. "Come on now. The lot of you weren't shy when you piled into my office, no reason to be shy now!"

Jason hmms a little bit as he hears that. "One question each?" It's asked quietly as he takes a sip from his own whiskey. "Hmmm…" Looking between the others for a few moments, he shrugs a little bit. "Do you have a favorite hobby? Or did, before we ended up where we are now?"

Phin gives his question some thought, sipping on his beer in a pondering sort of way. "What was your first callsign, sir?" He adds quick, "I mean, not that we should copy. Should be something original. But, lets us know the foundation we've got, y'know?" Another pause and he says, "If you want to be, like, a cool CAG, you could even tell us how you got it. But that'd just be a bonus."

Phoenix answers Jason first. "Bushcraft and hunting." he says, before he looks to Phin. "Banjo. It stands for busted ass naked jerking off." The older officer just grins to both, not a hint of shame in his voice. "That's what happens when you're nineteen. Quite a bit older now. Different hobbies."

"Survivor." Remembering when he had mentioned about survival training, but wrinkles her nose. "C'mon Sir. One of your most embarrassing moments." Maia inputs, lifting her drink for more.

"Bushman?" Jason suggests, after a few moments of pause now, unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears the CAG's answer to Phin's question.

Ygraine shakes her head in disagreement. "Too uncomfy on the tongue. Bushman is kinda cool though."

"Its not up to me." Phoenix replies to the Wing as they talk. "You're the Council. I just chair the meetings." he says, "Keep you lot in line and behaving." he gives a nod of his head, "So. You decide amongst yourselves." he looks to Ygraine. "One question, Milkshake."

Ygraine says, "Are ya askin to ask me one question or, offerin to answer one question?" asks Yggy."

Phin looks kind of surprised when his question actually gets an answer. Then he just starts laughing. He'll need a second. "Umm…Bushman's not bad," he says, once he can articulate again. "Rolls good for wireless chatter." He takes another sip of his beer, looking between the CAG and Ygraine.

"You must be drunk already, Vashti. You get to ask me one question." Phoenix teases, as he sips his whiskey. "And what, being busted ass naked jerking off isn't embarrassing enough for you?" he asks of Maia, with a chuckle. "Well, I've got another story about a time I went to a drag show." he says, "Got hit in the mouth with a falsie, split my lip."

Jason smiles, listening now, as he takes another sip of his own drink. "Sounds like a good story, sir," he offers to the part about the drag show.

Maia winks to the CAG and leans her forearms on the table. "Sure, it's plenty embarrassing. To get caught. Not to do it." Lifting her shoulder she grins. "You're an amazing man, sir, I'd definitely like to hear the full stories behind those sometimes. As for a call sign out of it, I'm thinking… Bushman but not for the survival but for getting caught naked, jerking off." Laughing, she leans aback some. "I want a new one too, if anyone can think of anything."

"Or could be he likes Bush." Yggy makes a vague, lazy gesture toward her privates. "Ya like bush, sir?" Just so they can all be clear on the matter.

Phoenix just smiles towards v

Phoenix just smiles towards Yggy. "Well. I'm into a lot of things, Vashti. Bush included. Anyways, now we put it to a vote." he sips his whisky to the bottom, using the empty glass like a gavel. *TOKTOK* "Bushman is up for a vote, all in favor?!"

Phin chuckles again, a properly juvenile snigger this time. Haha, bush. He leans an elbow on the table and props up his hand, palm up. It more or less conveys a 'yes' vote.

"Aye!" singsongs Yggy, saluting with her mug.

Chuckling as he listens to the others now, Jason takes another sip from his drink, before he places the empty glass on the table. "Aye," he offers in agreement with the others.

"And so this honorable council has spoken. Until such time as this wise grouping of men and women has otherwise decided, let it be known that Major Phoenix Straton will now be called Bushman." Phoenix once more lowers his glass twice. *tokTok* "Who now will throw themselves against the Mercy of this wise council?!" he asks of the pilots here.

Kingsbury arrives from the Living Complex.

Luc arrives from the Living Complex.

"I'll take my chances, I need a new call sign that Kelsey's daughter can call me." Maia grins, lifting her shoulders in a careless shrug. "No chance do I want to take in having to explain to her what a centerfold is."

Kingsbury enters, late, frazzled. "Hey!" the quiet man calls as he approaches the group. "What's up, gang? And have any callsigns changed yet?" He grins, looking around, taking a breath and dropping into a chair backwards.

Ygraine suggests cheerily, "How about Blondie?"

Phin drinks some from his glass of beer, to kind of toast the CAG's new callsign. "Here, here." He looks over at Maia, brow furrowing. Like he's giving this serious thought. "This is maybe kind of lame, but I always think about you with those toy legos," he says, with a one-shoulder shrug. "Maybe, like, Snaps or Blocks or something."

Having been busy with the CAP it is perhaps not odd that Luc is coming along a bit late to Charlie's. Wandering in with damp hair and stretches back and arms as he steps in. "A heard there was fun to be had here!" He offers and smirks. Hearing Maia's talk about her callsign. Giving Kingsbury a pat to his shoulder as Luc came in soon after him.

Vadim has been for awhile, but as it tends to be his way, the Captain has sequestered himself away from the largest part of the grouping. But he has been listening and watching, though offering input certainly isn't his kind of thing. Sticking to his table, he's going to nurse the glass of Ambrosia he's got infront of him.

"Here, here!" Maia agrees, toasting the CAG's callsign. "To the Bushman!" Taking a drink from her glass. With a quick wink, Maia grins at the suggestion from Ygraine. "Love it but they may think it's you, but whatever you all decide is good for me." Her smile widens at the suggestions from Phin. "Just not… Toybox.." smirking.

Moving over to get himself a beer now, Jason keeps silent as he hears Maia's call for suggestions. Listening carefully for the moment, while speaking a bit quietly with the bartender now.

"Council another supplicant approaches!" Phoenix says, as he waves the bottle of whisky his way. "Get a drink, Kingsbury. Sit down and join us." The Major says. "You do have a way with those Legos." The Major offers from his 'place' facing the rest of the wing. He pours himself a nice, heavy pour. "Late comers need to take two shots." he says to Luc and Kingsbury. "That's your punishment." he nods once, "The supplicant previously known as Centerfold has thrown herself on the mercy of this wise council." he offers to the newcomers. "We now decide by what name she flies."

Kingsbury takes his shots and downs the first, then saves the second for later. He looks Maia over, thoughtfully. "I like the lego thing."

"Why not Toybox?" Phoenix asks, a quiet half smile there. "You know if you don't like it, its more likely we'll love it." he says, with a chuckle.

"You could totally say Toybox to the kid!" Phin snickers to Maia. "Or just Boxer. Doubles for the whole punching thing you like to do so much in the gym." He raises an arm to wave to Kingsbury, Luc, and Vadim. And any others who might be trickling in just now.

Luc laughs and moves to take the shots and then nods agreeingly with the others. "Yes! IT fits, sorry to say it, Maia." Winking at her about the Toybox. Grinning and just seeming amused about it. Taking a moment to take it all in mostly. After having taking his punishment of two shots that is.

"My nose and ribs would agree that Boxer would be a good one," Jason offers, just as he gets hold of his beer and moves back towards his seat now. Taking a sip of his beer, before he goes back to simply listening now.

Kingsbury takes his other shot, shaking his head. It's going to be one of /those/ nights. "Yeah, come to think. Boxer. I don't get the Toybox reference, and I'm kinda afraid to know." He grins crookedly.

"Blondie?" Ygraine suggests again, since apparently people didn't hear her the first time.

Hearing all of the suggestions, Maia is careful to keep her face impassive as the different ones are made. "Yeah you're right, so I'm not going to say either way until you all decide."

Luc shakes his head a bit about boxer, "Nah. She might be a fighter but no boxer. Toybox is since she keeps playing with her blocks." HE explains and shrugs a bit. "Or Jumper. I would say BeeJay, but…" Smirking a bit. "Since she loved doing base jumping. You should see her. She looks so happy when doing it." Grinning a bit. "Though I still think Toybox."

Vadim doesn't seem all that impressed with either suggestions that have thus far come up for Maia. But that also implies that he'd have something better to offer. Which he doesn't. So, he continues with the mute treatment, slowly working his glass to a more empty state.

"We have several on the table. First, Blondie! All for this name, say Aye." Phoenix says, listening then to who votes this way.

Kingsbury remains silent. No real surprise.

Quietly studying Maia for a few moments now, Jason offers a momentary grin in her direction. Taking a sip from his beer, he remains silent at the moment.

Phin keeps his hand and drink down, shrugging half-apologetically at Ygraine. "You guys are a blonde unit. Not, like, separate Blondies."

Vadim drinks.

For the moment, Maia remains silent, cause she can't very well vote on her own callsign. Instead, she finishes off her drink and goes for another one.

Silence is what answers blondie. Phoenix nods. "Now, we vote on Boxer!" The CAG says as he listens then.

Ygraine keeps her hand down. It's not that she was particularly fond of Blondie, just wanted to know she was heard.

Another brief grin in Maia's direction now, as Jason hears the next to vote on. Looking about to say something, he shakes his head instead. "Sounds too much like a dog breed, and this one's most definitely a breed of her own. So no, I don't think so," he remarks, a bit lightly.

After receiving the drink, Maia looks between the others, not inputting anything, but she glances towards the CAG as she drinks and drinks.

Luc doesn't say anything at all yet. Just smiling and looking around the crowd. Having found himself another drink and sitting with it in his hand. Chuckling to Jason's words. "Agreed."

Kingsbury gets up and excuses himself, heading for the bathrooms. He's already a bit wobbly… not a good sign!

Phin laughs at the dog breed comment. It's maybe what prompts him to keep his hand down.

"Finally, we have Toybox." Phoenix says, as he leans back in his chair to finish his glass of whisky. Ready to use his makeshift gavel when the time comes.

Up goes Yggy's hand. "Sorry, Maia." says Ygraine cheerfully.

Noticing the cheerfully worded apology, Maia can't help but laugh. "Looks like it, Milkshake," she smirks, but she looks between the others, wanting to see if the only one she voted against makes it.

"It's totally about the legos," Phin assures Maia. Before raising his hand.

That seems to get frow from Vadim. Of all the names there, he liked that one the least. Another sip from his glass. "Should feel sorry for her, I know I do." he utters with a snort. "Toybox? Really?" There's a headshake to go along with that before he reaches for his smokes, pulling out a coffin nail.

Luc raises his hand as well at Toybox. Grinning at PHin's words. "Indeed. Legos. Nothing about any number or whatever." Holding up six fingers as he votes for it though. Just teasing a bit. Making use of wordplay.

Ygraine snorts. "Says the guy named after the shitter." she volleys back at her squadron commander.

With the hands going up, Phoenix's 'gavel' drops twice. *TOKTOK* "Toybox has it!" he says, with a bit of a grin. "Hitherto you shall be known as Toybox, until this wise council reconvenes and you petition for a new callsign." Phoenix then looks between those assembled. "Are there any other petitioners for this wise council?" he wonders loudly.

Taking another sip as he listens now, Jason shrugs a little bit. "Okay, I'll bite," he remarks, with a momentary grin.

Vadim just shrugs. "I'd have to care about what my callsign was to really be bothered by it." The lighter flicks, and a drag is taken.

Heat infuses her cheeks at the newly voted name and she looks around at them all before shrugging good naturedly. "Thanks guys." Sardonic? Maybe a bit, but she genuinely doesn't seem upset, she'd left it to her friends after all.

Phoenix nods, "Another approaches this wise and merciful council with a request! The floor is open to suggestions." And again, Phoenix waits. He does take a look over to Vadim. "Get into the spirit, its all in fun, Captain."

Phin raises his beer to Maia in a little, half-apologetic, toast. Vadim gets a look over his shoulder. Not a particularly pointed one, just a curious, kind of puzzled one. Then he just shrugs, and directs his attention back to Jason. No suggestions immediately from him, though he looks all thoughtful again.

"I'd rather give it to her about her positive features and complimenting her rather than calling her a dog." Winking to Vadim at that. Continuing his drinking for now. "What the heck, through my nam-. Seems Jason's up first." Luc offers and cheers for Jason. "'Happy' sounds like a good one." A teasing grin at the man.

"Frak man, I never thought I'd meet anyone who was more glum and depressing than Jason, but at least he's got puns." Ygraine stares at Vadim a moment, and then turns her attention to the new name. "Smiles." she suggests with a chuckle of her own.

Ygraine adds, smacking her own forehead, "What am I thinking? Puns!"

"Superstar, since he was a child actor. I like Superstar a lot, and I always call him that but only when not on a mission. Stand-up doesn't flow as easily." Maia had that one prepared.

Vadim looks like he's about had enough of Ygraine. So he gets up, leaves the cash for the drink on the drink and heads on out.

Vadim leaves, heading toward the Living Complex [LC].

"We've got several names on the table." Phoenix says, "Now we vote- Who is for Happy?"

Phin turns his head as Vadim departs, making a soft "Huh" sound. As for the voting, his hand stays down for the first one.

Jason just looks between the others for the moment, taking another sip of his ale now. There's a brief look in Maia's direction at her suggestion, before the gaze goes back to his drink again.

There's no vote from Maia there, but she does offer a smile to them then to Jason. "I'm holding out for Superstar."

Ygraine shakes her head. "Doesn't quite work for me. Holding out for Smiles or Puns."

Maia says, "Or Comedian."

"We have the name, Puns." Phoenix asks next.

Phin grins slightly at the suggestion of 'Comedian.' For now, his hand stays down and he sips on his beer in a way that doesn't suggest voting.

Luc is almost about to raise his hand, but hearing Maia's last makes him grin and nod. Keeping his hand down. Giving Yggy an apologetic look.

Phoenix waits, quiet- "Superstar." The next name comes, the cag happily getting drunk on his bottle of whisky. He sips now, just maintaining.

And UP shoots her hand as Maia votes for Superstar.

Jason still keeps silent, sipping his beer as he listens to the others now.

Phoenix nods quietly, "Smiles?" he asks of the collected pilots and Ecos

Ygraine points out, "Comedian's too long." At Smiles? Both hands go up.

"I like Superstar," Phin votes, for his part. He chuckles at Jason. "I ever tell you my brother and I used to sneak into your movies when we were kids? The Abercrombie ones. Always liked those."

Phoenix nods quietly, "Superstar has it." Two votes to the one.

Luc grins and shrugs. "I'll pass this one." He offers and perhaps starting to have a bit much to drink. He's already got a different one in hand. Which is emptied out and a new one is soon given to him. Smirking a bit. Not voting for Jason it seems now.

"And so you are renamed, Superstar it is. Fly strong and fly hard to your new title, Superstar." Phoenix lets his glass drop twice. "Are there any others who would like the council of this wise gathering?"

Luc waves his hand. "Sure, I'll throw my name in the hat." He says and grins. Enjoying his drink and looks around at the other people.

"Another approaches. The floor is open to suggestions, council let your voice be heard!" Phoenix says, grinning.

Pausing a bit as he hears that, Jason takes a few moments to drain the rest of his beer now. "You told me once," he replies to Phin, before he adds, "And many people did, for some reason. I think I prefered my part in 'The Life of Anton Krombley', myself…" A brief grin as he hears Luc asking for the council, and he's quick to answer. "Mouth." Then moving to get hold of another beer.

"Ohboy.. You're putting yourself at the mercy of me Gabe?" Maia says with mock seriousness. "My first impulse is to call you the Streaker, due to the recent rumors I heard. Second would be something along the lines of Zorba… due to his Zorbing experience. Then again.. I think Turbo, cause his mouth is always moving."

Phin is still working on his first beer, so he's pretty level. Maia's string of suggestions gets a thoughtful look from him. And a chuckle. "I like Streaker better."

"So. We have several names." Phoenix says, as he looks about quietly. " Who votes Mouth?"

Luc chuckles and looks to Jason, at Maia's words. "He's also a streaker." Laughing and smirking, shaking his head. Just amused mostly, by all the teasing and suggestions.

Ygraine snorts. "Bigmouth." she can't help but offer.

"Who votes for STreaker?" Phoenix asks of his 'council'.

As he hears the mention of those rumors, Jason comes to a full stop at the bar, remaining where he is at the moment. Taking a few moments as he hears the mention of his suggestion, then Ygraine's addition. "You know, she has a better idea, with Bigmouth," he offers, as he gets his beer and turns around. Luc's words just makes him shake his head now.

Phin gets another laugh out of Ygraine's suggestion. "Can I vote for that version? Bigmouth, that is." He's abandoned Streaker as quickly as he came to it, apparently.

"Bigmouth?" Phoenix then asks, looking between the assembled pilots and ECOs.

So let it be written. "Who am I to argue the consensus?" Maia laughs. "Bigmouth."

Phoenix gives a little nod. "Bigmouth has it." he says, glass dropping twice. "Is there anyone else who'd like to hear this wise council's words on the names by which we fly?" The Major wonders of his wing.

Luc laughs and shrugs. "Name changed then." Leaning against the bar still. Raising his glass at that.

Evans pushes the front doors in, shouldering his way into Charlies, laaaaate. Of course, it doesn't take him long to actually see the rest of the wing, some apparently more plied with alkyhall than others, and angles that direction, only pausing for a moment at the bar to acquire himself a beer.

Taking another sip from his beer, Jason looks a bit thoughtful at the moment. "Ah, could have been far worse, I suppose…"

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