ALT #387: Complete and Thorough Investigation
A Complete and Thorough Investigation
Summary: Haddon is given the task of investigating the simulator explosions.
Date: 28/Jan/2014
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Haddon Amos Holtz 
Map Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #387

Haddon steps into the map room and moves to stand by his XO and inclines his head, "Sir? You asked to see me?" He stands at attention, a neutral look on his face, he's been busy dealing with the aftermath of the explosion in the simulators and it doesn't take a genius to think that he's been ordered to meet with Amos for something to do with the explosion. He waits patiently for Amos to acknoledge him and get to why he's been summoned.

The map room might be the habitual home of Captain Grey, but for now it would seem that the fleet intelligence officer is absent and Amos has instead been talking to one of the Lieutenants. With Haddon's arrival though he gives the lass a quick nod to indicate that he'll get right back to her and then turns instead to his fellow marine. "At ease Ensign," he starts, acknowledging the man;s presence with a nod before moving towards the map table itself so the fleet Lieutenant can get on with her own work without them bothering her. "I won't keep you long as I know you've busy, but you need to know that you've now been put incharge of the investigation into the incident with the simulators. Deck is runing the technical analysis so you'll need to work with them to make sure they check everything you want checking and such."

This wasn't a surprise, he's in charge of the MP platoon and so this sort of thing would fall to him. He moves into the at ease position and then says carefully, "I assume I'll have full cooperation from all parties?" He glances around and says, "I am also assuming that we are not talking about an… industrial accident of some sort, are we? Do have leave to conduct a complete and thorough investigation into people that might have had means, motive and opportunity to commit some form of sabotage… no matter where that trail might lead?"

"If you don't," Amos replies, looking the younger man squarely in the eye, "let either myself or Major Rand know immediately. Use the ship's comm to get us there is you need to, day or night. This is, as I am sure will come as no surprise to you, a top priority." He gives a short, sharp nod to the comment about it not being treated as an accident, then another to the one about a complete and thorough investigation. "Find who did this, those are your instructions. If you need help, ask for it. Resources, ask for them. Advice or simply just another brain to bounce theories off, come find me. I have a few years under my belt in the job you're doing now and I'll do what I can to help if you require it." A brief pause as he somehow manages to square his shoulders just a fraction more. "A word of advice though, there's already ill feeling amongst the crew towards the humanforms onboard, especially those we have who transfered from the Rabul as they've had Sixes throwing grenades into their bearthings over there. Even if there is no evidence at all indication Sergeant Knox or octor Tamsin, theres reasonable chance that they're going to be at risk and you'll need to deal with that too."

The Ensign nods then and says, "I think I will interview them first and try and eliminate them as suspects, provided they aren't involved, and perhaps leak that information to the crew and head off any… unfortunate incidents of vigilantism." He takes a moment and then looks Amos straight in the eye, "I would be remiss in my duty, and at the risk of offending you, as anyone could have engineered or co-opted co-conspirators, I would like access to any and all records, logs and personal communications of all personnel on-board for the last 6 months. I would also like access to the crime scene and additional personnel to protect it. I've already got my platoon stationed there, but with all the tech people walking in and out, I'm worried I don't have enough men to oversee and make sure no one is tampering or removing evidence. I also must be frank and mention that until I can find a viable suspect, or suspects, I must consider everyone onbaord the Orion a suspect until proven otherwise, including yourself, Major Rand and the rest of the Command staff. I further assume you checked me out before giving me this assignment, so you know I'm clean and able to run this investigation without compromising it." He stands there then, he's just plainly stated the facts, but they aren't calculated to make the Captain happy, knowing that he's being suspected.

"Or I picked you because I'm involved and I know you're new to the job and want a combat platoon rather than an MP one," Amos replies with a faintly wry smile. As for the rest of it though he starts somewhere in the middle. "You have full access to the simulators and whatever materials the deck crew may have removed for analysis elsewhere. We have two MP platoons onboard and you have access to personnel from both, just be careful not to leave the operational patrols shorthanded. If you find yourself lacking in boots let me know and I'll see about get some of First Batallion up from the planet to help cover the shortfall. Maintaince logs and records for the sims have already been obtained I believe, but if you want any others, or indeed the personal communication records then you're going to have to put in a request for them. I'll back it, as far as I can."

He nods and says, "I may want a combat platoon, but until I get one, I intend to vigorously pursue my duty as an officer and Military Policeman. You may be certain of that, while I don't really believe you or Command to be involved, I have to believe that someone of sufficient rank is involved. Something like this would take planning and multiple persons involved to pull it off. This happened during a scheduled sim exercise with almost all the Air Wing involved, and this wasn't a targeted attack on a particular member of it. Whoever planned this wanted to cause maximum damage and casualties. Right now, the air wing has been effectively neutralized for the time being while those injured recover. Which reminds me, could you set up interviews with the members of the air wing who weren't injured or weren't injured too badly? I'd like to know what they saw, heard, felt, etc."

Amos nods his approval to Haddon's initial reposnse then gives the Ensign a guick smile. "Not a bad assessment, but they did not cause quite as much damage as you fear. Yes, the Lucky Strikes have been largely out of action since, but we have I think two other Viper squadrons onboard who have been filling the gaps. Not something they could do long term certainly, but last report I saw seemed to indicate that some at least have been released from medical. As for interviews, I can do that for you if you wish, but you're likely better off going through Major Holtz, their squadron leader, as he'll have a better idea of their situation. I could ask him to speak with you?"

Haddon nods and says, "If you would? I think it would be better coming from you then me, as a junior officer, I'm well aware of Major Holtz's… penchant for being short-tempered and a request from you might serve to soothe any ruffled feathers as I'm sure he's under a lot of stress with his squadron being hit like that."

"I'll send word to him as soon as I am done here," Amos confirms with a nod. "If I remember I'll copy you in to since it'll by it's very nature be related to your enquiries. You'll need to put in the requests for the other information you were after yourself though as I said."

Finally released from sickbay, Holtz is on light duty for the next day or two. Clad in his duty blues, he makes his way into the map room with a folder tucked under one arm. With a quiet, brisk nod to the two marines, he makes for the computer at the side of the room; he calls something up onto the screen and begins to compare it with something on one of his papers.

"Or maybe that won't be required after all," Amos notes to Haddon as the very Major himself walks in. He gives his Ensign a quick nod, as if to say 'follow me then' and then moves to where the pilot has set himself up. "You have a moment Major? I'd like to introduce you to Ensign Haddon of Alpha Platoon. He's running the investigation into recent events and would like to set up interviews with those who were present."

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