MD #207: A Clerical Problem
A Clerical Problem
Summary: Lleufer Ynyr brings a problem to Samtara and asks for help to try and find possible solutions. Doctor Stone doesn't disappoint.
Date: 01/11/2017 (OOC Date)
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Lleufer Samtara 
CMO's Office, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Deck plating of the same composite that spans the length of the ship is softened with a miniscule area rug placed between the desk and the door. The wall to the left holds a large screen that interfaces with the data and communication system. The wall to the right holds a large whiteboard that is retained as much for sentiment as practicality. Storage lockers are stacked side by side beneath each board, the tops of which serve as additional space along with room for a coffee maker. A pair of comfortably worn chairs take up the floor space to either side of the door and a sleek looking desk faces the door itself with a desk chair that looks as well worn as the two visitor chairs that flank the door.
IC Date

There's a memo request to set up a meeting with the CMO from the MaA and when the agreed time comes, Lleufer arrives with a slim folder in hand. He's in his usual MP uniform and lets himself into Samtara's office with a brisk nod for her. "Doc, I know you are a busy person so I'll jump right into it. We have a dicy mission op coming up and I need some help, if you can possibly give me any assistance." Lleu seals the hatch and plants himself into a chair before Sam's desk, skipping even the offer of coffee. "In a nut shell, I have got to figure out how to get a limited number of Marines onto a space station that will be /crawling/ with Skath and Clerics, secure the station to jump it away, and not loose all of my people trying to do it. So, let's start with the assumption that we can maybe come up with a way to deal with the machines themselves. I have people working on that and things to test. But, the Clerics yet remain a problem and I have no idea how many we are going to run into." Ynyr takes a breath and meet's Samtara's eyes, "In a nutshell, we need ideas on how we can neutralize a lot of skinjobs real fast while minimizing Marine losses. Is is possible?"

"Any time you decline coffee," Sam replies as she leans slightly back in her chair and reaches for a pen, tapping it lightly against the edge of the desk, "it's usually a sure and certain sign that something pressing is about to land on the table," she then exhales a slow breath, the pen tapping lightly as she thinks. "The Lines, as you know, are harder to hurt, more resistant to stress factors such as environmental changes, and are stronger on almost every scoring measurement across the board. So. Short of an all out fight fist to face wise, you're talking about something fast acting and non lethal? OR are you asking after lethal and fast?"

Lleufer tippity taps his pen against his folder, which isn't like him as he's not given to nervous habits. Soon as he realizes he's doing it, Lleu stops. "Lethal might be preferable as we can't possibly contain many dozens, or perhaps more than a hundred hostile skinjobs. Not without killing them and trying to capture their downloads to our own Ressurection Facility. No way for me to know if Command would want to try that at this stage but my gut instinct would be a no." He draws a breath and shifts his jaw around once as he thinks, "Fighting them is tough. We can fight a few of them but wave upon wave of them, I'm going to loose a lot of people who might easily be turned around to fight against us. I can't afford that, Sam. Can we gas'm? Are they enough 'machine' that any sort of EMP might knock'm down? If it comes down to lethal or fast, I'll take fast. We can always followup fast knockdowns with lethal if we have to."

With a sigh, Sam reaches for the datapad that she carries with her almost constantly, "You need access to the blueprints of the station and knowledge of the air circulation layout. A gas that is heavy enough to linger in the open environment long enough to affect those that are drawing it in. Ideally I'd recommend something with a high absorption rate and low mortality rate. If there's a way to cure the lines that have been warped into Clerics it should at least be a viable option on the table. Whether or not I have anything on hand that'll do the job…" she is carefully navigating through a supply list as she speaks, "… is the real question."

Lleufer gives a nod, "I have the station schematics though they are at least 20 years old or more. The Skath will surely have made some alterations and we don't know what damage they did in taking it. Can you check on this and get back to me with what you think may be options? Even something we can toss ahead of Marine groups who wear masks is an option. I can't guarantee we can get wide spread access to the ventilation until we have secured the station. That can still be useful as it's a really /big/ station and we may have to take it and jump before we've actually secured anything more than critical part of it as we'll be under a strict time limit in hours."

The Master-at-Arms adds as he opens his folder and checks his notes, "I also wondered if you ever did any tests as to the effectiveness of sonics on the model lines?"

"You mean to suggest taking a team to the critical points and jump the station before having it completely under your control and then sorting it out from there?" Sam wonders, eyes widening subtly. "Where in the name of logic could you jump it to that they wouldn't pulse a mayday beacon to have the SKath jumping in to save their clerical asses?" she wonders next then gives a thoughtful and as usually subtly off key hum of sound, "Not personally, no. Though Dr. Galen would know more on that. I imagine we'd get volunteers if we could dummy up a way to focus a sonic attack and then see if it could be modulated in a manner that'd be useful."

"If necessary, yes. We'll only have 12 or 13 hours at most, or very possibly less, from the time we go in to the time we will have to jump the station. Because additional Skath ships will be expected to arrive. If we can secure the parts of the station we must, we could jump it away to an intermediary point to finish our cleanup. Before it will be taken to it's final destination in a series of further jumps. /If/ we can secure the entire station within our proscribed time limit, that is ideal but I have to be realistic that we may not be able to do it that fast. We are talking about a seriously large facility, Sam." Lleufer watches her and he knows he can trust the CMO, "It's the Arpay Rally Point station." The Gunnery Sergeant shrugs, "It could be jumped as many times as we have to in order to buy time. But we can also jam signals out, and hopefully take control of critical systems earily on. It's going to be dicy, high risk."

Lleufer chews his lip a second as he thinks, "Let's check on a gas option first but we should look into the other as well. They could lay hands to gas masks as easily as we if they are smart and have them stocked. And I bet they do."

While Lleu has been explaining the what and why, Sam had leaned slightly back in the chair, not quite tipping it off it's wheels per se, but close enough that when Lleu explains that it's the Arpay Rally Point Station she almost unbalances the chair entirely. There's a brief moment where she flails with one hand, drops the pen and hauls her chair upright with the other hand and sits for a moment, heart pounding. "You're.. absolutely serious about this," making that a quiet and rather declarative statement instead of a question, even though her tone of voice is just a little incredulous. "You have to know that the Arpay would have designed their environmental controls to prevent and actively defend against this sort of hostile take over. We need Becks," she adds then, shaking her head slowly. "I didn't spend a great deal of time wandering the station, when I was there. Even with blueprints and a layout.." and she scrubs one hand over her face, pensive. Gravely pensive.

Ynyr gives a slow nod, "Yes, I need Becks. She's on my list to talk to. Or you can, if you are willing. Or both of us, though I thought perhaps … it might be easier if you approached her first to see what she thinks before we get into serious planning. It's a huge station and it's going to be full of a heck of a lot of hostiles. More frankly than my Marines have any hope of being able to take without some help, and we have got to do it fast. It's audacious as hell Sam, but we have got to have that refinery or we are in trouble."

"Is there any recent intel on the status of the station, any sort of approximate head count of potential occupants or enemy combatants contained therein?" Sam wonders, her tone of voice still incredulous and a little, just a little, aghast at this idea. "I'll reach out to her, absolutely, but you're going to need to talk to her as well. I don't have any idea what sort of questions you'll need to be asking, and only Becks will know what we need to know that we aren't asking after, as well."

"Only what Lieutenant Rook has sent me so far. I need to followup with her once I get the ball rolling in a few different departments to help back up my Marines. I am /hoping/ she has more details to share but I doubt there has been any close recon for fear of alerting them to our interest. We have no stealth capability to jump in, have a good close look inside and get back out again without them knowing." Lleufer does smilea little though, "All good points. I knew if I came and tossed the ball into your court you'd have some useful insights to share to help me prepare, Sam."

"Full combat gear with attached gloves and no exposed skin," Sam says, without preface. "You need to make sure that's how your marines are equipped. No exposed skin, anywhere. All it takes is a single touch of a cleric, skin to skin, and they can scoop your marine up and spit him or her back out as a loyalist. I don't know what gear you guys have access to that can be so-modified, but that's something that worries me every time I know that you're going up against clerics." Sam makes a small sound that's almost a huff of breath; almost but not quite. "We can't sneak up on the Rally Point. What about sending any of our serving Line members to blend in with the others to get some eyes on?" she wonders as she starts tapping the edge of the pen against her desk once more.

Samtara gets another nod out of Lleufer, "We have various gear that we can make sure there's no bare skin exposed. That at least isn't a problem until a Cleric gets hold of someone and rips off some of that gear or tears it open. They are amazingly fast and strong." Lleufer is well aware, having killed a number of skinjobs over his decades of service. Then he stops and blinks. "That's a very good idea, but very risky for the Line members who might be willing to try. If the Clerics get hold of them, we'd loose them, Sam. I don't see how we'd be able to retrieve them. They'd go to a Skath Ressurection facility and be reprogrammed in ways I don't know we could fix, or even trace them apart from their brothers and sisters. I'd be hard put to ask any of them to risk it and I don't know how Command would feel about it."

Sam exhales a slow breath that turns into a sigh, "No, and I wouldn't ask any of my people to volunteer for this sort of mission either. But it has to be asked anyway, Lleu. The rest of us, who are just.. human, we don't have the ability to blend or possibly defend against what the Clerics can do." She sets the pen down, yet again, and flexes both hands and realizes she is slowly shaking her head from side to side. "Alright. We need to find out if there's chemical compounds in ship stores to make something that'll do this job and deploy it accordingly. We need to meet up with Becks and get more intel, and that'll require a trip back to Pitchfork," she smiles faintly, "anything else?"

"No, I think that's about it for the moment. To make you aware and get the ball rolling. Lieutenant Rook is going to call us back to a meeting in another week or so unless it gets pushed back. Due to … eh, other possibly more pressing matters. So I think we have a little time to do our homework so to speak. The more I can take to that meeting, and maybe bring you along with me, the better we can take a good hard look at this and see if it's really feasible. Or if this is just too big a chunk for us to bite off at this stage. We may need more time to plan, but we also may get that time." The Master-at-Arms moves to stnd and closes his folder, "Thank you for letting me come toss this into your lap. I'm sure I'm making Intel uncomfortable by bringing in others to help me work on my part of it, but I can't do this alone and do it smart. I wasn't told /not/ to share it out as needed so… yeah, let's see if we can snag Becks to come talk with us. Please."

Sam makes a sort of disgruntled sound, "Intel needs to be reminded to get it's collective head out of it's collective ass every once in a while to get breath of fresh air to clear it's collective head," she says in a low voice that's as much a grumble as anything else. "You know I'm always here, and I'll help in any way that I can. I'd be happy to accompany you to the meeting, and bring as much intel and insight along with as well." She rises from behind the desk and tucks her hands into her pockets as she walks around and leans slightly against the side of the desk, "We'll get to Becks and she'll tell us what she can. Who knows. If we really can steal the station maybe we can find out where the rest of the surviving Arpay actually are. I refuse to believe that even the Skath are capable of absolute genocide."

Lleufer gives Samtara a nod, "I hold out faith that the Arpay are not utterly destroyed. They were jumping and helping to relocate evacuees into far reaches of space even to other galaxies, not to mention all their Diplomatic Corps people imbedded on so many Skath worlds. We may have lost a great many of Jimenez's people but I can not believe they have been wiped out entirely. Some of the Arpay are still out there. I feel it." Lleufer lays his right hand over his heart and does the soft double tap, "If I'm wrong, then it's good that some of us carry their genetic modifications. Some fragment of them will live on in our dominant genes, but there are very few of us as well."

"They must need us," Sam wonders this aloud with a slow tip of her head in a subtle nod, "otherwise, absolute genocide would have been faster, less time consuming, less consuming in general for all resources. So the Skath are keeping us alive.. for a reason. And it can't be purely for the sake of maintenance. And I don't imagine we make good pets. So… why are any of us still here at all, if the Skath are bent on taking over the universe? Why groom a new social order, why do any of it?" She smiles then, a grim little smile at best, "If any group of people can outlast, outlive, out endure the Skath, it's the Arpay."

"I don't know. That I fear is above -my- pay grade, if I was still getting paid. Stuff like that makes me lie awake in my bunk at night but I find no answers any better than it helps me get to sleep." Lleu shakes his head faintly, then asks, "I need to get back to my office and catch up on a few more things with another possible mission coming up. Ping me whatever you find out, please."

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