AWD #164: A Challenge For Crazy Pilots
A Challenge For Crazy Pilots
Summary: The TACCO details a slightly suicidal plan he wants the Gentleman Ghosts to test out in the sims.
Date: 19/06/2013 (OOC Date)
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Map Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
June 19, 2005

The Map Room has been altered slightly, in that Petra has apparently 'borrowed' one of the large displays from the Rec Room and brought it up here to prop up on the end of the map table, facing the gallery of chairs. He appears to have connected one of the little reader tablets to it, and is currently sitting idle. When people begin filtering in, he's straightening up a stack of papers and leaning with a hip against the edge of the table, letting Siska read in peace whiile he waits for people to file in.

Siska is at the top right chair next to Petra. He is here merely as a listener of sorts.

Elias has earlier ensconced himself at a mini-desk, back on the final tier of risers. He seems to be busy with some paperwork, lips pressed together tightly as he concentrates on whatever it is he's reading. He looks up only briefly as people begin to filter in, and spends another minute finishing the page he's on. Then Elias snags his pen and flips over a blank sheet of paper, waiting for the meeting to start.

Franklin is, as ever, perfectly punctual. She makes a point of not wasting so much as a minute, a fact which she confirms by lifting her wrist to check her watch. The glass is tap with an unpainted but well-manicured nail — an oddity, no doubt, in the service. "Lieutenant Colonel," she offers to Petra crisply, complete with a brief, perfunctory smile. Polite, but not quite crossing the border into being 'friendly'. "Captain Gray," whom she greets with a inclination of her head.

Kingsbury steps in and takes a seat. His whittling penknife is in a pocket with a block of wood, but since Petra's starting, he refrains from starting to make sawdust. Instead, he looks at Petra with a small, patient smile.

Ygraine has taken up a seat, next to Kingsbury coincidentally, and gives him a nudge with her foot playfully before she returns her attention to Petra.

Stepping in a bit slowly, Jason looks around with a quiet polite nod to the people present, before he finds himself a place to sit. Perhaps looking a bit more alert and focused than he's done lately.

Phin files in and promptly moves to sit somewhere out of the way of the Raptor folk and people who outrank him. Though he does offer a generally friendly nod around as he folds himself into a corner chair. He's armed with a notebook, which he flips open, before plucking a pen out of his pocket. The latter is just fiddled with at the moment, rather than being used to write anything.

Petra returns Atalanta's salute along with a murmured, "Major." As others filter in, he reaches over to pick up a small, thin, pointer stick and taps the point lightly on the stack of folders and papers closest to him. Addressing the rest of the room, he clears his throat, "I appreciate the short notice of this. I'll cover the concepts quickly and what I and Major Franklin need the Raptor pilots and ECOs to work on, and then the floor is open to any questions you might have."

He gives that a moment, watching faces before reaching over to tap the power button on the tablet to spur it into life, "One of the problems we are facing with the invasion is that the Cylons, collectively, have more firepower than we can handle in one angagement. However, they are trying to hold several colonies, and from Captain Grey's assessments, Captain Rozzen's work, and Lieutenant McBride's project…we think we can spread them too thin to stop us, and once we punch a hole in their armor, they wont be able to recover."

Siska flips another page and continues to scribble as best he can. His head moves to give a nod of greeting to thosehe knows before he sits back and listens. A jarhead in the midsts of all these swappies. One has to wonder.

Kingsbury opens a notebook and begins to write. The pocket he pulled the pen from is where his wood block stays, and it peeks from behind the zipper. Without looking, he nudges Ygraine with his foot, looking innocent.

The DCAG's greeting reaches Elias over the general hubbub of the arriving air crews, bringing the Intel Officer's gaze around to Atalanta. His response to her is equally brief, and just as formal. "Major." Then he shifts his atteniton back to the TACCO, and Elias jots a few quick notes as the briefing commences.

Jason nods a little as he listens, getting out his notebook and pen now, starting to write down a few things now.

It's obvious that Franklin is — wondering, at least. One brown brow arches mildly at the unfamiliar face in the middle of several members of the air wing, but the expression subsides almost as quickly as it cropped up. She moves to assume a position on the opposite side of the presentation as Petra has claimed for himself, hugging her folders and her clipboard to her chest while he speaks.

Petra takes in a deep breath and taps a button on the tablet, bringing up a little diagram of the Colonies, with Caprica, Picon, and Aerilon highlighted. There are cute little Basestar DRADIS symbols around each. "Our intelligence has given us an estimate of how many basestars we can expect to find around each of the colonies at any one given time, and it appears that there will be at LEAST three around Picon, Aerilon, and Caprica. These are also three colonies we believe the Cylons are most loathe to abandon, for various reasons we've been investigating. So our plan is to do to them exactly what they did to us, just on a slightly smaller scale. This is going to involve nuclear release protocol, so if you havent reviewed that since flight school, go dust your manuals off."

Another button tap, and the next slide, zooming in on just Caprica, showing four basestars close to the colony dot, "We will be splitting our forces into three strike groups, one for Caprica, Aerilon, and Picon, along with a reserve group of 9 to 12 nuclear-armed Raptors holding back at a staging point. Each strike group will jump in, then immediately ping and process a DRADIS scan, pinpointing the exact locations of any basestars they find in orbit…"

Siska rubs his chin and nods.

Kingsbury stills for a moment as Aerilon comes on screen. Then he's scribbling furiously, serious now, taking notes like there's no tomorrow.

Ygraine's brows lift to her hairline. She seems to think she knows where this is going but isn't entirely certain. Royal's foot gets another nudge.

Phin starts writing when Petra starts talking, though something in what the Lieutenant Colonel says makes him stop. Look up, blue eyes a notch wide at the words 'do to them what they did to us.'

Petra glances around the room for a moment before tapping the advance button, the next slide zeroing in on one basestar, and animating it. It begins a timer counting up from the moment the Colonials jump in, showing it advancing towards the Navy and launching Raiders, "It will take a minute or two for the Raptors to spool back up, and while this is happening, the strike group will commit to an orbital strike. They will APPEAR to be either on even footing or slightly overpowered, which we think will incline the Cylons to commit and attack rather than jump out."

The slide progresses, about 2 minutes into it, showing clouds of Raiders heading for the Fleet, "About here is when the Raptors, having completed their scan and spooled back up, jump back to the Raptor staging point, and communicate the specific basestar locations to the waiting nuke carriers. Assigning one primary and one secondary target to each bus." Another minute passes on the clock, the Raiders are now engaging the Colonials and the basestar is (slowly) closing, "The nuke carriers now jump in behind the basestars, who have no flak cover, and have now committed a majority of their Raider force to the fleet, and launch their full nuclear missile spread at their primary and secondary targets."

Kingsbury gapes. He doesn't return Yggy's nudge, this time, because he's too busy staring at Petra.

Sitting quietly, Maia just listens until she realizes what he is talking about and what the missions will entail. Oh yeah Maia is most definitely in for this one. things tht make a difference, this is the sort of thing she loves. Lifting her gaze to Petra, she continues listening as he goes on with the description, looking doen to take more notes.

Siska takes his notepad and begins writting some more. His face has no expression as he sribbles.

Jason smiles a bit as he hears what's being said now, taking a few more notes. "Interesting…" he mutters to himself now.

The DCAG's attention isn't on the slide presentation occurring to the side and slightly behind her. On the contrary, her eyes are focused intently on the faces of the pilots she's been assigned to oversee. There's no attempt to hide it. She is, rather openly, studying their reactions to the battle plan which is being outlined for them.

Ygraine is looking thoughtful, and perhaps surprisingly, hasn't said a word.

Elias listens closely as Petra gives the briefing, left elbow on the desktop and his chin resting on the heel of that palm. The pen in his right hand is twiddled absently as he listens. Perhaps that's helping him think, or to recall the amount of destructive energy released by a B-81 tactical nuclear warhead.

For her part, Maia's expression is hopeful. This was the beginning of taking Picon back and the optimism there is very visible. looking up from her writing, her gaze once more rests on Petra but briefly before she also glances around the room until she finds Ygraine. She offers the ECO a quick thumbs up.

Petra purses his lips, "So herein lies the problem I need our Raptor drivers and backseaters to be trying out the sims. A) You need to be pinpoint-frakking accurate on the jump in. You miss it by too much and you'll be point blank with a basestar, and while they dont have flak cannons, they DO have capital ship class weaponry and a howitzer can still kill a flee if its too close to dodge the shot. B) When you jump in, obviously, FTLs dont instantly spool back up. You're going to be very vulnerable for about a minute and a half. I need to know if you can shave time off of that, AND run like a bat out of hades, and have a good chance of getting back out unscathed. We're not going ahead with this plan if it looks like too much of a suicide run, despite what some of you crazy bastards have been doing lately."

A faint, amused smirk creases his features before he continues, "If this works, we can succeed in instantly killing 7-9 basestars, which, to our assessments, is a significant amount of what the cylons currently hve dedicated to the Helios systems. All three fleets then converge on Picon and we dig in and wait for the counterattack. Thanks to Lieutenant McBride's plans, we expect their supply lines to be smashed and have to commit a large amount of their forces well out of range to get here in time. They will not be able to mount a counter attack in sufficient force to displace us from Picon. IF this works. So we need you to work in the sims and tell me just how well it might work, and how far you can push the envelope in a bus." He glances at Atlanta for a moment, then looks at the room again, "So. Questions from the Raptor folks first."

Siska stops writting and turns to see the crowd of pilots and the questions they might have.

Phin is looking at his notepad, and writing intently. A slight frown on his face, but it's the thoughtful sort. And the sort that comes with trying to compress a lot of information into scribbles.

Kingsbury writes quickly, with big sweeping gestures. Question marks, circles. He's bewildered.

Ygraine's mouth twitches, which makes her nose twitch. She gives Maia a little nod, but still seems to be intent on remaining quiet.

Jason takes a few more notes now, expression a bit thoughtful for now. Looking a bit unsure about if he should ask anything or not. Finally, he looks up from his notes now, offering a quiet smile. "What's the time frame on figuring out this, sir?" he asks, after a few moments.

At the question, Maia nods back to Ygraine before glancing at Jason then Petra as ahe awaits his response. Nothing is said yet for her part, waiting to see what all everyone else asks.

Petra slowly lofts one brow as the room remains quiet, panning his gaze around the Air Wing faces in the room. He's opening his mouth to ask something when Jason finally pipes up, and stops himself, considering for a second before answering, "If everything else sticks to timetable, then you have about 3 weeks to model this out. Several other things have to happen before we are dedicated to an attack window, so it COULD end up longer than that. But right now? We are expecting to have things set in relative stone in three weeks."

Kingsbury nods slowly, writing that down, then putting vicious slashes underneath the "3 weeks" note. He's silent, thoughtful.

Elias lifts his pen and props the back end against his lips, his eyes drifting over the room to try and assess how the Air personnel are taking the news. During the long pause after Petra asks for questions, Elias' gaze slides back over to the TACCO, his expression curious.

Nodding a bit as he hears that, Jason takes a few more notes, offering a brief smile now. "Thanks, sir." Looking back to his notes for a few moments, studying them carefully for now.

"Three weeks." Maia repeats it aloud even as she ducks her head to write it with her notes. Unable to immediately think of anything to ask, she remains silent.

Ygraine finally lifts her hand up. "We got any staging areas for test jumpin' to try and pare down the timin'?" Ygraine asks.

Petra reaches over to turn the tablet's power back off, setting the pointer down, "We have nothing already set up, but that's probably something you can easily arrange. Lots of empty space out there. Drop a pod, mark the location, and try to jump to the same spot relative to it over and over. Something we talked about in the Academy but Fleet would never, ever clear wasting all that Tylium to jump a Battlestar over and over." Taking in a deep breath, he scans the gallery one more time, lips are pursed for a second, then parted to ask, "Any other questions at all, from anyone, then? Major Franklin should be kept updated on a regular basis about your progress on this, and she will roll it up to Tactical and Command, so I will stress to keep in touch with her."

Franklin's press into a thin line as she considers both Jason's question and Petra's answer. Her eyes slide over to the later, giving him a sidelong glance. "In the meantime," she chimes in, to remind them. "There are also a number of recons which need to be conducted, so that we have accurate information to work off of. It's been several months since the last survey of the Helios star system and I can count at least three locations that weren't fully imaged. That information is vital to the success or failure of the plan which Lieutenant Colonel Petra has just outlined."

Ygraine pops her hand up again. "Sir?" she calls out to Franklin. "Butch and I want to put Pallas back on the board. We just need you to clear it."

That gets a startled look from Maia as she lifts her head from her writing and regards Ygraine with curiosity. After a moment, she looks back towards the DCAG, but says nothing, but she does continue writing again. Something.

Phin remains quiet and a diligent taker of notes from his corner of the room.

Both of her brown brows lift. "Done," Franklin replies simply. Well, that was easy enough, wasn't it? "Put the paperwork on my desk tomorrow morning and you'll have my signature. I'll want the AARs to review with the Pallas proposals which I'm expecting from you, Cato, and McBride." In short, Ygraine hasn't just asked to put Pallas back on the board — she's volunteered herself and St. Claire to do the recon, at least as far as the Major's concerned.

Petra nods in agreement with Atalanta's comments, "The recons are part of the first step here. Last night, the Marines successfully took out the skinjob in Commander Spree's command structure and brought him back here so he can't download and inform the Collective of what we're doing, so that roadblock is out of the way. Now we need to confirm the information we have, so I can write this plan in pen rather than pencil. I want to be celebrating Saturnalia on a gods-damned Colony, ladies and gentlemen, not here as a refugee." He shoots a curious look over at Atalanta, lowering his voice, "Anything else you want to add, Major?"

Jason nods a little as he listens now, as he hears Atalanta's words. He doesn't say anything yet, just listening carefully for now.

Kingsbury remains silent, scribbling everything down.

The hatch opens and closes, Kelsey quietly stepping inside. She seems a little confused as to what's happening. Dressed in her flight gear, she cradles the helmet under her arm and just steps off to the side.

"No, sir," she replies smoothly, without even so much as a shake of her head. Fidgeting, it seems, is not something which the DCAG is prone to — on the contrary, she'd likely be standing at parade rest the entire time, were it not for the fact that her hands are currently full.

Petra mms softly and scans the room one more time, "In that case, if there are no more questions, Good luck, and dismissed." He holds that for a second, then lets the rest of his breath go in a large puff of air, shooting a raised-brow look up at Elias, as if trying to read the man's reaction to the whole thing.

As soon as the word is given, Maia stands, closing her notebook and shoving it into one of the pockets on the side of her fatigues, slipping her pen in there also. Once things are packed away, she wastes no more time at all before heading for the hatch, boots making a soft thudding sound on the floor.

Kelsey blinks and looks around as people begin to disperse. Very confused. Hair matted and looking like she could use a cup of coffee, the young woman heads deeper into the room to stand at the table by Petra and wait to be recognized.

Jason gets to his feet as well, nodding a little as he looks around at the various people now. Letting out a bit of a breath.

Phin doesn't stand right away. He takes a minute to look over his notes and make a few last pen marks.

Ygraine apparently seems to have intended to take on the mission, she offers Atalanta a salute and starts to leave, but then she spots Kelsey and starts to amble vaguely over without interfering in the younger woman's inquiry.

Franklin makes no move to depart with the retreatining members of the wing. On the contrary, she's intent on standing precisely where she is, waiting for any unvoiced questions or lingering issues which may need to be addressed personally, rather than for the benefit of all of the attendees.

If Elias does have misgivings they're not on display. The Intel officer takes a moment to jot down a few final notes, then stows his pen and flips up his clipboard under one arm, rising from the desk. He makes the short trip down the risers and slowly over towards the map table, nodding to any of the Air personnel he knows and happens to cross paths with.

Petra shifts his attention to the approaching Ensign, tilting his head just a little while he lowers his voice, "Wescott. Sorry I couldnt round this up later when you weren't just coming off of CAP, but I figured the word would get around. What can I do for you?"

Phin keeps lingering to read over his notes and make sure they're in order. Or perhaps subtly rubberneck on whatever Kelsey and Ygraine want with Petra. One of those things.

Kelsey shrugs. "Don't rightly know, sir. I don't expect you all to hold up operations for me. Just.." She glances around, still confused. "Whatever this was in reference to? If you're looking for volunteers for something, I'll help out. Don't know if that was asked but-" She shrugs again, looking awkward. "I guess that's it, Colonel." A nod is given to Atia. "Sir." She takes a step back and prepares to leave.

"You already have volunteered for this, Wescott," comes Franklin's answer, complete with tapping one of her well-kept nails on the top of her stack of files. "Last week, in the air wing's meeting. You'll be testing out a scenario in the sims to begin with. You can see me if you need a short brief."

With Kelsey heading for the door, Ygraine ambles over to Phin, and peers at his paper in an appropriately nosey fashion.

Petra glances over at Atalanta and murmurs, "She was one of the ones that already.." and nods as his question is answered. Then a little louder, "Ensign. Bring your ass back here." He reaches over for the tablet he turned off and unplugs it from the screen, preparing to hand it over to Kelsey, "Read the presentation slide deck and the notes I put on each slide. I want this back tomorrow."

Phin's paper is a transcription of most of the pertinent points of the meeting. With lots of questionable shorthand and some doodles that vaguely resemble Vipers, but it may be disappointing for the nosy. "Hey," he says to Ygraine with a slight smile as he stands. Head turns back to Kelsey, and Petra as the lieutenant commander foists his slides upon her.

Kelsey blinks at being called back and looks to the tablet, taking her step back towards them. She looks to the Major, then to the Colonel. "Copy, sir. I'll deliver it in the AM before my flight rotation." The notebook is taken and tucked under her arm.

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