AWD #135: A Certain Kind of Crazy
A Certain Kind of Crazy
Summary: Squire is seeking an ECO who's a certain kind of crazy. Butch is solicited as the voice of sanity.
Date: 21/05/2013
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Kelsey Ygraine Bennett 
Ready Room
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress. At the rear hatch, on a barren section of wall, is the framed and cased photo of 'Bad Dog' Ruegger.
AWD #135

Kelsey is looking around. As Ygraine predicted, she no longer lives in her flightsuit. It gets old, hot, and smelly. No, Kelsey is in her blues and stalking the Air Wing corridors looking for some people. Ygraine has probably seen her criss-crossing, looking for and singling out ECO's. Every time there's been a shake of their head. Denied. Its been a long day. Unbuttoning the top of her tunic, she walks into the ready room aiming to just sit and relax for a few minutes.

Ygraine is in a seat, watching flight films and absently noshing on popcorn. Now and again she lazily tosses a kernel at the killboard, apparently aiming for Holtz's name with a faintly grumpy air.

Kelsey spots Ygraine and heads down to her row. She turns down it and flops into the seat beside her. "Unhappy with the Captain, eh?" she asks with a smirk. "Haven't seen him around much lately. How are you doing?" Squire begins to slowly deflate and relax back into the chair.

"Mmph." Yggy says. "Just work. I can't really be mad at him. I'm okay, Kelz Belz, how're you? Pull up a chair. I'm just killing time - sometimes it helps to let your brain go a little blank for a bit."

"I'm alright. Melissa has been very needy lately. She has nightmares and I've had to be down there with her overnight when I'm not sitting alert. She wakes up crying when I'm not there and she won't talk about it." The Ensign rakes fingers through her hair and hangs the hang from her neck. "Look, I hate to bug you, but you're the last person I wanted to ask because you've got Holtz's girl that needs looking after. That and I'd feel really bad if I got you killed." A sigh. "I've got a mission and none of the ECO's seem willing to ride along since its a bit on the crazy side."

Up go wheat-colored brows. "Oh, gods help me if I lose good missns because I'm Holtz's girl. What's the word on it? Why won't any of the other ECOs touch it?"

Squire kicks her feet up on the chair in front of her and raspberries the air on a deflate. "Lieutenant Gray up in Tac asked me to come up with a plan to get intel on the Saber systems. I tossed out this insane idea that no rational pilot would fly. He said to flesh it out and submit it. It got approved. I requested to fly it since I don't think its fair to come up with dumb stuff like this and make other people suffer for it." She swallows. "I need someone to go up against a Saber with me. One Raptor. Low altitude approach. Lots of drones. But we need to be shot at from close range to get accurate intel. Videotape of the launch and site if at all possible." Yep, she's off her damned rocker.

"That is batshit crazy, Squire." Ygraine says. "Can you tell me why it's better than a ground approach?" She's not saying no, but clearly she wants to understand the way this all breaks down.

"Because it will take days to get anyone into position and we need the ECO gear to track and record the readings. If we want to learn to defeat them, we have to get maximum exposure." Kelsey's throat suddenly seems a little dry and she finds it difficult to swallow. "We're going to fly up a road below treetop level and approach the site. Vipers will cause a distraction while we fly. Then Raptors will shoot off drones over our head. We'll record the engagement." She looks a little nervous here, fidgeting her hands. "Gray said that would be good. But he doesn't realize how targeting works with this stuff. I, uh, dumbly suggested that this hypothetical crew would need to be shot at. And that, you know, they'd be find because they could just jump away before the missile hit." Because that's pretty easy when the missiles travel at six times the speed of sound at close range. Not.

Ygraine considers Kelsey very seriously for a moment. "Answer me honest." she says, "D'ya really think you're good enough a pilot t'pull this off? It ain't about puttin' ya cubits where ya mouth is, I don't doubt that. But my question is, do ya think you're good enough t'get away from this alive?"

The young Ensign has been a qualified pilot for just over seven weeks. Its been a hellacious seven weeks, though. But the question has her instantly look down. Ohhh yeah, she's nervous. Apparently nobody else even wanted to ask or just assumed the answer was No. "I get shot down in the sims every time, but the sims don't see trees and they don't block dradis in them like they do in real life." She fidgets with her hands. She'll be 21 in nine days. "Doesn't matter. I'll go alone if I need to. Someone has to do it. Might as well be the pilot with the least experience, right?" she asks, voice cracking as she looks back to Yggy with a glance. Ayep, she's scared. "But I've simmed it lots. It'll work. I'm ninety percent sure it it'll work."

Bennett arrives from the Air Wing Corridors.

Ygraine considers a bit. "I'll go with ya." Ygraine says. "But only if ya look me in th'eye and can tell me ya can do this. I mean right in th'eye." Ygraine's brows lift, and she looks expectantly at Kelsey.

Kelsey takes a little bit to stare at her fidgeting hands after Ygraine makes that request. She's gotta know there is no way she would make it back if she went alone. 'Zero' would be an improvement on her chances of survival. Lifting her eyes from the seat, she finally looks to Milkshake and eventually gets her eyes up there. "I can do it." Its whispered. Its not ballsy confidence and bravado. It might not even be the most convincing words ever uttered, but she said it. "I think. Nobody else should have to do this. I can't even find any ECO's willing to go except you."

Bennett shuffles into the ready room somewhere in the midst of Ygraine and Kelsey's conversation, and looking to have recently hauled herself out of a raptor. Dark hair is plastered to her head and neck in a sloppy bun, and she's got her helmet tucked under one arm while the other rifles for her pack of cigarettes. What? CAG's not around, is he? Nope. "Hello, ladies," she greets softly, skirting around them to head for the training board. On her way past Bad Dog's photo, she kisses two fingers and taps them to the glass.

"Hey, Butch." Yggy calls out. "Come over here a minute. Kelsey's got a mission and I think it would give her some confidence if maybe ya reviewed the specs, maybe offered suggestions?"

Kelsey looks over to Yggy as she calls for Bennet, and there's a moment of horror but she's just asking for guidance. The freshamn pilot sinks a little in her seat. "No, no, its fine. I'll be alright." She clears her throat. "Just working on a dangerous mission, sir. Had some problems finding an ECO. Yggy was just quasi-agreeing to fly it with me, I think."

"Quasi-agreeing?" St. Clair repeats, with a small smile upon the inflection. As she receives conflicting instructions, the pilot elects to continue mostly about her business rather than wading into the scrum. Though she does ask, offhandedly, "What's the mission?" Maybe she has some idea already; maybe she doesn't. A log book is slid out, and she perches atop one of the desks facing Kelsey and Ygraine, at a polite distance.

"Go on. Tell her." Ygraine encourages. "Look, Squire, Butch here is one of the most experienced Raptor pilots on Orion. When I first got to Orion she was my very first pilot. I flew on War Day with her. So trust me when I say with this ya wanna take advantage of all th'resources ya can. Tell her, and see what kinda advice she's got."

Kelsey takes a long breath and sort of looks Bennett's direction. "Sir, Tac asked me about the Saber SAMs because I'm an ex ordnance tech and now a pilot and I guess know this stuff. So, like, I blurt out this suicidal scheme to get the intel we need on the Sabers thinking it was purely hypothet- you know what, it doesn't matter. Pretty much, my plan is to fly up a road at driving speed, below treetop level, wait for target drones to fly over, then pop up and get shot at my the most deadly SAM ever so we can record the engagement and hopefully we don't die while a missile hurtling towards us at Mach Six doesn't spear us like my boyfriend after sophmore homecoming." Bam. She looks to Bennett. "I mean, …yeah. No, that's about the size of it. Ground won't work because we need to get shot at and SAMs don't shoot at Marines. And Marines don't have ECO gear."

Bennett lofts both brows a fraction when Kelsey mentions the word 'suicidal', and then lofts them a little more when the details of said scheme are unraveled. Once the pilot's finished, she blows a soft, thoughtful breath out her nose and casts her gaze away— back to Bad Dog's mugshot by the hatch. "Well, suicidal is right," she answers quietly. A cigarette is lit and pulled from delicately while she thinks some more. "En oh ee's probably the only way you're going to get in past the drones, so I'm with you there. But what about dropping a decoy once you're within SAM range? It might still get a bead on you, but you stand a chance of making it out with your skins — and your data — intact. Yes?"

Ygraine looks between the two. See? Good question. Ygraine turns her attention Kelsey to hear her reply.

"Can't fire a drone that close to the ground, sir. They need forty feet of clearance in atmo cuz they weigh a lot and accelerate like old people makin whoopie. Plus? I'm kinda hoping to just be super secret about it. If they fire while we are still approaching, we can just jump away. But, well, below treetops. Its gonna take all day to get there, sir." Kelsey shrugs. "But that's kinda the short n skinny of it. I've got the mission approved from the Colonel. I just need a bear in the backseat."

"That is a fair point," Bennett concedes, though her smile seems to lack oomph. She seems quite concerned, if truth be told. When the Colonel's mentioned, though, the Captain appears to take that as her hint to back off— and she does, with a hesitant nod and a scritch-scratch of pen on paper as she makes some notes in the log book. "And how do you feel about this, Milkshake?"

Kelsey looks back to her lap. Her knee bounces. Its the kind of nervous energy from her that she had when she was starting flight training.

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