AWD #386: A Call Unheard
A Call Unheard
Summary: Lleufer comes to see Dr. Forrester, but they delay the session.
Date: 12/07/2016
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Ariadne Lleufer 
Except when the gun batteries are firing, the offices aboard the battlestar tend to be a quiet area where sailors and Marines can get their work done as needed. However, there are several closed-door offices, with small windows, lining the walls in addition to unclaimed cubicles that run down the center of the long room. Anyone who has paperwork that they need to do and would prefer to do it someplace quiet can come here at all hours of the day or night to accomplish what they require space and peace to complete.

Dr. Forrester has relocated her 'counseling' room to a place with higher visibility and as much appeal as the temp digs she was bogarting in the medbay. When she arrives, she hangs up a little cardboard sign that is starting to collect some doodles around the three dimensionally blocked out letters that say, 'Counseling'. The door is left cracked open as Dr. Forrester starts her 'open office' hours. She's brought her paperwork with her in case no one shows and a legal pad. Currently, the young doctor is writing on a fresh sheet thoughtfully.

As it happens, /someone/ has come looking for her and has been directed up to this deck to look for her new office. If anyone knows the lay of the ship's decks, it's an MP. Lleufer has no trouble finding it. Once arrived, he stops outside of the hatch and collects himself, drawing a slow, deep breath. Is he really going to go through with this, or change his mind again? A few uneasy breathes and then he knocks lightly on the hatch to see if the Doctor is actually in there before he tries to step on through to enter. "Doc Forrester?" Sergeant Ynyr is in his MP uniform with side arm, cuffs, tazer and the like as if he were just off duty or on break.

Ari has her lab coat layered over her uniform. A stethoscope with black tubing hangs around her neck. The room is sparse. There are a few chairs and a table, but the doctor has rearranged it, pushing the small table to the wall and pulling two chairs out, not /quite/ having them face each other head on, but more at an angle. When she hears her name, she shuffles her papers off of her lap onto the ground and stands up to greet the man. "That's me. Ariadne. And you are?" She steps forward to offer a hand with a serene grin.

They've met before briefly, but no particular reason she might remember the MP who'd been shot in the head. Or at least his name, "Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr. You can call me Lleu, Doc." The hand is accepted. His own grip is firm but causually brief with direct eye contact. Lleu's pale grey eyes study her and she might pick up right away that he's suffered brain damage. The left side of his face is yet mostly slack compared to his right side, the bullet scar there only months old where it punched through his skull and exited out through the back. His hair buzzed short does nothing to hide any of it. His baritone has only a slight slur and he tries to speak carefully.

"We chatted once, briefly, while Doc Nadir was in Sick Bay and I was picking up pain meds for headaches."

"Oh yes. I'm sorry. We…we did didn't we." Ariadne tilts her head with a slightly embarrassed smile. Up close, the circles under her eyes are more visible. "Just a good excuse to shake your hand again." She takes his hand with both of hers to give a brief shake. If she picks up on his brain damage, she doesn't show it. "What's up?" Clearly, she's the type to let people speak for themselves.

The circles beneath her eyes are noted. "Are … /you/ all right, Doc?" Lleu thins his mouth a little and the Marine adds, "I can come back another time. You look pretty … tired, or stressed. Unless you want someone to talk to yourself." He doesn't take a seat.

Ariadne blinks, genuinely taken back by the MP's words amused and touched. "Well that's a new one. Though I'm not sure I'd have much to talk about. Just burning the midnight oil. Nothing new to report." Work is life. Either she forgot to say whether she was alright or she's artfully dodged the question. "How have you been?"

Lleufer faintly smiles with just a hint of the right side of his mouth wryly, "I'm … not doing so great, to be honest. I need somebody to talk to and the CMO, she pretty much ordered me to come chat with you. But, I can see this isn't really a good time. You should get some rest 'cause … if I get going, I might bend your ear a while. And it'll stress me out some, so … maybe I can schedule an appointment? When you aren't burn'n the oil so much."

"Of course. I'll make sure you get me bright and fresh as soon as possible." Ariadne lets out a little yawn, lifting her hand to cover her mouth. "No need to add extra stress." She takes his words in stride. "I wouldn't want to fall asleep on you either." Not that she ever would. "I'll have the nursing staff send you some options that might work with your schedule." She then moves to scoop up the materials she brought along. Afterwards, she stops at the door to say, "Until then," as a way of parting, offering him a soft grin before slipping out of the office and beyond. It's no good to have your patients calling you out on how tired you are, especially when cognitive troubles start to surface.

Despite his own troubles that really have him down, Lleu smiles a little, "Yes, ma'am." His Aerilon twang comes out a bit there and he steps out of her office and closes the hatch behind them both, making certain it latches. He heads on down the hall, "Thanks, Doc." and goes on back to his duty shift.

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