AWD #136: A Caged Bird Does Not Sing As Sweetly
A Caged Bird Does Not Sing As Sweetly
Summary: Petra visits Tasha for the first time since the suicide incident. Redemption is discussed.
Date: 22/05/2013 (OOC Date)
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Tasha Petra 
Deck 3 - Brig - Battlestar Orion
The Orion's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away.

0242 hours… The Brig is silent after the lights have been cut to a dim glow that still allows the guards to view the detainees, or lone detainee in this case… As such… The lone figure lays upon a sheetless bunk within her cell… Tasha's arms are pulled back with fingers laced behind her skull as she looks up at the ceiling and blinks slowly. Wearing a simple work out jump suit with the jacket removed to serve as a folded pillow, she flexes her bared toes and seems to be lost in a world of pure imagination… Simple delving into her mind to escape the eight by six cell she has been in for the last few months.

Its IS rather late, so even the guard is a little caught off guard when the hatch opens and someone in blues steps through. Petra surrenders his sidearm and signs in with a murmured question, then nods, before stepping further into the brig. Folding his arms across his chest, he slows to a stop in front of Tasha's cell and takes in a deep breath. Several seconds pass before he finally murmurs, "Hello Tasha."

As the he goes through the standard ritual to visit the condemned, Tasha doesn't seem to even flinch as her eyes flutter slightly at the sudden disturbance… With his approach and the sound of his voice to break the silence, the lone woman breathes in slowly causing her chest to rise fractionally higher than before, before her eyes close and then open a second later.

Fingers unlace and come down with slow purpose… The play of muscles showing a definite softening from her time before incarceration as Tasha slowly sits up and swings her legs over. All the reports had read how she nearly died from lack of eating within the first few weeks but as time progressed and the Cylon's trial within the Orion concluded and they had left her demeanor slowly changed and the Viper Jock once again began to slowly become the woman she once was, if not slightly more morose and changed from the experience.

With world weary eyes, Tasha meets your gaze and continues to follow through by standing with deliberate purpose. Bared toes on the cold floor flex before the woman brings her hands to her side and renders a slow salute and holds it, " Sir…" The voice cracks only slightly from lack of use causing her to swallow while looking into your eyes.

He rumbles softly at the salute, but doesn't return it. Instead, he focuses on her eyes for another couple of seconds, then asks, "Before, you wanted to quit. I have your wings in my pocket to serve as a reminder, so I don't forget, in all of the craziness going on right now. A lot has happened with the fleet since then. The Skinjobs that seem to have upset you have gone though a social trial and been given a chance to prove themselves. Do you still feel that this isn't something you can participate in?"

The hand remains held aloft… the index and middle finger of her right hand just brushing her brow while errant strands of lanky platinum blonde hair spill about her sculpted pale features… The weary depth of her blue eyes shift and fall as the hand drops when you speak without returning the salute… With both hands at her side, the shuffle of bare feet on the cold floor sound when her step carries her to the bars. A lone hand comes up and fingers grip the bars delicately while she fixates on the movement with her gaze before answering, " No…"

The simplicity of the response flows from her lips much more smoothly than the earlier croak of her voice as Tasha lifts her gaze once more to travel across the length of your crisp uniform and meet your gaze anew… Wetting parted lips with a slight flick of her tongue, she blinks and inhales deeply before letting it out in a sigh. " For what it's worth… I'm sorry… I know it's not worth much…."

Petra takes in a deep breath, holding it for a moment before letting it slowly go, "You understand that you have a lot to prove to the rest of the wing and myself. We're about to start a campaign to free Picon and kick the Cylons off of it, permanently, and I need every good pilot I have in a Raptor or Viper or Predator. And right now I'm not sure about you anymore." He pauses, still focused on her face and her eyes, "Major Straton is still going to have the final say in clearing you, and you're going to meet with one of the CMC Psychologists on a regular basis until they sign off on you…but a long as he says you can return to flight duty, I'll file a request with JAG to commute the rest of your charge. The Dereliction charge is going to remain on your record, however. Understood?"

Unable to maintain his gaze fully, Tasha's own eyes drift to a point on his chest before her chin dips fractionally in assent, " I understand…" Swallowing and letting her hand slip from the bars to rest at her side, she takes a half step back, " I don't blame you for having your doubts… All I want anymore is to just do my part even if my career is over. If I can't fly then I'll do whatever you want Sir…" Lips press slightly and pull in a weak approximation of a smile that fades almost as soon as it appears.

His voice lowers a bit at her commentary, "Well, it would be a waste of a good pilot to use her for something other than flying an assault craft, wouldn't it? Show me and the Major you can still handle the job and that we can trust you with lethal weaponry again and you'll get your wings back. I don't think anyone is particularly concerned with their career much anymore, around here." He pauses there for a long moment, taking in another deep breath before asking, "Is there anything you want to ask then, before I go back to take over Watch?"

Unable to lift her gaze right away, Tasha reaches up with one hand to brush a few errant strands of hair from her face before meeting your gaze once more, " Maybe when this is over… We can talk then over coffee." She inhales slightly and shifts her stance slightly to turn to the side and drops her hand once more to her hip. " Until then… I'm… I'm just sorry." Her lips tremble for a moment before the blonde turns feeling a sudden flush fill her cheeks and her eyes threatening to water. " If that's all Sir… It's late… I… I'm tired." A hand comes up with her back to you to rub at one eye as she composes herself.

He watches her while she looks back up at him and works on recovering her composure, and slightly nods at her statement, "Alright then. I'm going to be reading what the psychologists have to say, and I'm going to discuss it with the Major. Good night, Tasha." With that said, he lingers for a second longer, then turns to thump his way back over to the guard's desk, to sign back out and recover his sidearm, before leaving.

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