AWD #446: A Brace of Favours
A Brace of Favours
Summary: Toby comes hunting for Kelsey.
Date: 10/Sep/2016
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Ready Room - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
AWD #446

Seeing Deck crew up in this section is strange enough. The one with a reputation for punching people, though, is probably an additional level on top of that. But while looking for someone, it means tracking them down. An ECO in the barracks pointed Toby to the sims. A Viper pilot in the sims pointed him to the Ready Room. Third time the charm. She's down at the front at a whiteboard with a green marker in one hand and a photo in the other. It looks like she's trying to copy the top-down view of some kind of terrain. It's mostly working. The woman is in her blues, though, and looking clean as usual. And once more that scent of strawberry and peach bathwash.

Toby has dressed up smart for his trip to officer country, clean greens, clean gloves, and an official looking clipboard. Kelsey has a reputation for damaging birds, so of course if a tech is looking for her it must be to do with that right? I mean look, there's a clipboard invovled, must be official. As he finally tracks her down there's a faintly furtive glance around the room to ensure there's no one else present and he can talk about what he needs to. As he notices she's busy he pauses about halfway around the edge of the seating and clears his throat before asking, "you expecting companyh any time soon?" Ie. is this place about to be swarming with pilots.

Kelsey is sketching out the edge of a ridge when she hears the voice. The words are heard, but she's too focused to recognize the voice. Turning her head, she see's who it is and she smiles warmly. "Tobias, good luck charmer." She glances to the empty seats, then back. "No, actually. Come on down. This is something I'm working on. I have to give this super boring briefing tomorrow. Apparently as a JG they actually expect me to do things. Like lead. It sucks." She makes a face to go with it, but he knows she loves it. She's a smart girl who had a bright future.

Continuing down to the front Toby eyes the terrane for a moment then seemingly disreguards it. "If it's super boring then you won't mind me interupting for a few minutes to put a proposition to you then will you?" Her smile is returned with an attempt at one of his own, but there's just enough unease about his stance that it doesn't quite work. "Assuming of course, you can spear a few moments from important leader stuff."

"No, you're definitely able to interrupt. I needed a break anyway. The detail is stupidly brain-numbing." She caps the marker and moves off to the table at the side for a bottle of water. Even as she drinks, she can sense the unease. Her path takes her closer to him and he ends up leaning a shoulder into the wall. "I can always spare a few minutes for you, Toby. You seem like you've got a snake in your boot. Is everything alright?"

Well, on the plus side," Toby starts, "I don't have a snake in my boot, I can assure you of that right off." There's another quick glance round, just incase a pilot or ECO has snuck in quietly in the ten seconds or so since he last checked then he sticks the hand not holding the clipboard in his pocket and starts. "I'm just going to cut straight to the point, as pussy footing around it isn't going to help anyone. Can you get me airtime in a raptor, with a crew who aren't going to ask too many questions? Some sort of test flight, doesn't have to be long, but there's a spot fo ground I want to take a look at and it's a bit far to hike out to unless I can get extended leave." By his tone he's not expecting the latter to happen anytime soon, it's almost like there's a war on or something.

Kelsey wasn't expecting any serious answers to the remark about the snake. Given how he is glancing around, it stirs something inside. There's a want to mother him and hug him and tell him it will be alright. She dismisses it even as it bleeds in. "You want a Raptor for a training flight to a location you haven't been to just to check it out?" She furrows her brow. "That would be a tough sell, Tobes. You know I have to ask what this is about. The looking over your shoulder makes it seem like you might be trying to deliver illegal drugs or something. What's got your worried, hon?"

"Not exactly no," Toby answers earnestly, "I want to get look at something, and it's too far to get to myself, so I'm asking one of the people I trust onboard if they can help." Although, having said that, he does then draw back a little as she mentions drugs, physically straighten and lean away even if his feet don't move. That stung apparently. It takes a few moments for him to reorientate, then consider his words before he finally answers, "I asked The Captain a question I'm not sure intel have even thought of yet. She said it was best I see for myself, then gave me directions. It's nothing that'd hurt the bird, I just want to see it for myself, not have to rely on being told what to make of it after the brass have pulled it apart themselves and concocted whatever story it is they want us to swallow."

The idea of being trusted by Toby is made a prouction of. She knows he trusts her. She just flickers a bit of a smile. His reaction to her remark about drugs has her flit fingers his direction. "Hackles down, friend. It was just a generic example. You know I love ya an I don't think you're actually involved in that." The rest has her face become more drawn, though. She's one of the few people on board who remains undecided on the whole matter of ghosts and who or what The Captain might be. "Okay. Yeah, so you're looking to fly over some place and see if there is something there. Possibly land for a few minutes if something is spotted. That's not hard. Is there any indication of where it is? It sounds like its not terrible far from the town. I'm guessing its on P, right?" She doesn't sound like this will be a problem. In her mind, either this will prove there is something going on down there or leave her in the same state as she's in right now. "I can grab Elena and a couple Marines if you want?"

Toby looks somewhat mollified by Kelsey's initial reply, then gets back to the serious business at hand. "Basically yes. Although I doubt the marines would be a particularly good idea." She might insist, and he's prepared for that, but he certainly isn't going to be over the moon at their presense. "I asked her who it was they were fighting, she said it was best to see for myself, so that's what I want to do, and no it;s not far. Twenty miles or so from Sheridan. I was thinking maybe say there's been another tweek to the DRADIS config that we used to find Sheppards raptor, or something like that. An excuse for a quick trip, and if anything pings on the sensors while we're there, take a look for ourselves, then we can report it if needs be."

Kelsey takes a long breath. "Well, Toby, here's the thing. I'll get Elena and an ECO and we'll fly you out there. But if there is something on the ground, I'm not landing without Marines. And I'd be obligated to report what we saw if we return to the ship. Not a threat, just the options presented. I'm a JG now." She almost sounds apologetic about it. But Kelsey has a point. It's about covering her own butt. She got promoted because she stopped behaving like a wildcard. "Interesting question to ask, though. Admittedly, if these things are real, I'm curious as to what happened here, myself." Arms cross under her breast as she looks away. "I'll bag it as a low-level training flight for Elena. A mock insertion if I deemed it necessary to practice. She's nearing the end of her training. It might be remedial for her but if we find something, I doubt anyone is going to believe any story we tell them for our initial reason for the flight." Kelsey's eyes turn back on him. "We get one flight slot for this. I have to fly it whether you're there or not. But I'll do my best to schedule it against your shifts. Agreed?"

Toby doesn't look entirely happy at the terms on offer, but he does at least have the sense to acknowledge that he's not going to get anything better any time soon. "If there is something there, and it needs explaining away, tell them I picked the spot, said I thought it'd be a good spot to test the config, far enough from Sheridan that it wouldn't interfer or something. I dunno, I can work out some bullshit that sounds plausible enough. I'll take any fall though, like you said, you have to be all leadery now, and it's not like my record was ever going to be clean." He doesn't address the idea that he might not be on he flight though, that's a circumstance he refuses point blank to even acknowledge as a possiblity.

Kelsey shrugs. "Whatever. But it's going to need to be a training flight. Outside Sheridan its a lot of mountains and valleys for twenty miles in most directions. Training is good and we found Zach's Raptor on the other side of the planet. It'll get done, though. Nobody will be taking any fall. If we find something, I set it up. Not you. Part of being leadery is that I have to be responsible for what I do. I'm boring now, I know."

"I hope there's no fall," Toby replies with a simple nod, "but I mean what I say when I say I'll take it." His expression drops very serious for a moment, as if to say that if she tries to he'll work out a way round her,but it only lasts a moment before he moving on. "While I'm here, is there a quick favour I can ask?" Because all of that wasn't a favour obviously.

Kelsey just lets it go, knowing there's not going to be any winning this argument. She just smiles a touch, counting her own considerations and things she needs to do before flying such a mission. "Sure. Pretty sure I owe you five or six for all the birds I've brought back bent." That cockeyed smile flashes. "What's up?"

"Callaghan," comes Toby's simple reply, "the new Tauran deckie. You met her yet?" Assume their pair are acquainted atleast he carries on, "you mind keeping an eye on her? Knows her stuff where engines are concerned, but is very nervous and lacks confidence in some areas. I've tried where I can, but.." he pauses for a moment, clearly faintly uncomfortable as he tries to vocalise his thoughts, "I don't think I'm the best person to. She's said that she had issues with her step-father, and that I remind her of him. I don't know what, or any details, but I recognise enough to know that it's not a flattering comparison."

Kelsey thinks on that. A hand lifts to measure height. "Yea high, red hair?" Yes, Kelsey is pretty sure she knows who that is. As he continues, she ah's and nods. "The guy might have been a bit abusive. Beat on her emotionally or physically." There's some sadness there, but not like what normally might move across the face of a 21 year old. Composure reigns. "Anything in particular you'd like me to talk to her about? Or work on with her? Obviously confidence. Any sort of work issues or problems in her personal life thats effecting her on the job?"

"Something like," Toby admits with a slow nod, "I didn't push for details, but that's the vibe I got certainly." It's not a particularly pleasant throught to dwell on, so he doesn't. "I think she just needs a friend she can feel comfortable with, you know? And if she could just look where she's going on deck then I'd have less grey hairs. I swear should could trip over thin air. Anything else I leave to your judgement."

Kelsey smiles a little more warmly. "I'll hunt her down, talk to her. I'll mention your concern, see if she wants to talk things over. You're probably right about feeling comfortable. Its hard for women to talk to guys about it sometimes. Yall grow up very different than we do, I think." The young woman sighs and nods along. It's a little sad. The idea of someone abusing a child.. it almost makes her bristle. Almost. "I'll get things set up for the flight and also see about the Crewman. Maybe see if I can boost her confidence or how we might be able to get her there."

Toby doesn't look convinced at the idea of Kelsey telling Niamh he spoke with her, but after a couple of moments he silently acquises. He's trusting her, and if that's what she thinks best then so be it. "Thanks." He notes simply, then taps the clipboard with a finger. "I should head back, or people will start to wonder where I am. Talk to you later though, when there's time."

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