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Welcome to Battlestar Orion, a Battlestar Galactica-themed MUSH.

bsorion.com - Port 9000

We re-opened for business/RP in April 2016 and have been going since then. However, we have just completed Season Three and a major plot arc. There is a leap of 22 IC years to our next stretch of the game. People have the option of playing children of surviving PC's, returning PC's, or brand new ones. Be sure to +bbread 1 when logging in.

Those who are already on board and have approved PC's may enter play at any time, however we have closed applications for pre-leap PC's. Those players who wish to bring back an old PC from long retirement may have the option to do-so, but revival of Air Wing PC's from the freezer are unlikely to be allowed back. For those interested in new concepts, see this page for more information.

Be sure to read bb1 upon logging in.

NOTE for 11/12/17: If you are having trouble logging in, bring up your DOS prompt and input 'ipconfig/release' and then 'ipconfig/renew'. This will tell your computer to verify that it is using the correct IP to attempt to connect.


Ten years ago, under Presidential Directive #84443-C, the Colonial Military was ordered to begin looking for a back-up site far from the Colonies where the President and Quorum could be evacuated to during times of emergency or war. It was to be a place where continuity could be maintained and the government functional to fight a war to save the Colonies or manage a drastic situation. This highly classified project was to be kept off all computer drives and networks due to the potential for future Cylon electronic warfare capabilities. Handled through paper and pen alone, seven years later, a possible site was discovered behind a massive hydrogen gas cloud: '313 Bensen A'.

Joint Task Force NOMAD, led by the Battlestar Orion (BS-114), was assembled quietly as an 'armed, deep space mining expedition' twenty-one months ago and left without any fanfare. Once they had departed, their orders were unsealed and the full breadth of what they were to do was revealed. NOMAD was to cut regular communications and proceed to the given coordinates and begin construction. Medical testing, then military operations to scout the planet of potentially hostile life were to come first. Once clear, they would set up a base camp for scientists to do preliminary studies of the planet and contractors to begin construction for a fall-back facility. Construction on a Colonial Fleet Air Base and a separate Marine Corps Camp are to be sited and lain out.

The site is still more than twelve months from completion. Except for paper mail and voice/video recordings, none of these people have had any contact with their families and friends in a year and a half until this point. They're tired and want to go home. They get two weeks to visit their families as the Orion swaps out those who want off the operation and overstocks supplies. Two weeks, then it vanishes into deep space once more. But what happens when war descends and the enemy takes it all away and keeps those families out of arm's reach? What happens when these soldiers, sailors, and regular Joes have standing orders to keep the secret and stay away?

Would you watch it happen from the safety of your sanctuary?

Could you?

And they did not.

The Colonials fought back, ripping through an explosive guerrilla war fought both on planets and in the stars. They avenged not just their families but those who fell by their sides. As the war carried deep past the one year mark supplies became harder to find. Replacements became thin. Desperation set in. Piraeus, their anchor, was not just a refuge for them but also inhabited by something still as-yet unidentified. They appear to be people of a decimated population thousands of years old, but are they? They have uncanny knowledge of things they cannot know and do not seem to be beholden to the realm of the living.

We do know the Lines originated on Piraeus, not as enemies and genocidal monsters of humanity, but as their protectors. Turned against humanity as slaves of the Cylon, Model One orchestrated the genocide and turned them blind. But as the truth came out, more and more Lines began to turn against their new masters. Individuality set in. In an audacious plan set forth by Major Elias Gray, the Lines threw in their lot with humanity and gambled everything on it. In a blitzkrieg strike deep into Cylon space, Operation Blue Axe, the remnants of the Colonial Navy and Marines wrecked the logistical base of the Cylons and decimated huge portions of their fleet at a bottleneck flight lane through a nebula. But it did not come without a cost. The fleet finished the battle with a handful of members of the Air Wing — The Sixty — who stood tall and held the line while the Cylons regrouped.

With the situation tense and desperate for a miracle, a long shot was taken. A small crew was jumped to the edge of the galaxy to find 'The Rally Point,' a site promised by a data arc found on Piraeus. According to the arc it would be the site of those who could help. In the Colonial's most dire hour of need, they got their miracle. The Rally Point was populated by an advanced 'descendant' of humanity that called themselves the Arpay — R-P. Rally Point. This warrior civilization, defining itself through the name of their charged task, brought about news of a greater danger. The Colonials were not alone. Humanity had been fleeing The Machines and rogue AI for tens of millenia. The Colonials, descendants of a people called the Erfriki, were ancient allies of the Arpay and the few who had ever stood toe to toe. They sent a full carrier strike group to the Colonies to aid in one last decisive battle that would ultimately end the Second Cylon War and see the Cylons requesting a cease fire.

But twenty-two years later there are reports that One, having fled to The Machines, has given up the location of the Colonies. With a partially rebuilt fleet, the Navy and Marines haven't had enough time to rebuild a full trained fighting force that has been tested. The recall requests have gone out for the Second War vets to return.

With billions of humans on the Colonies and tens of billions more across the galaxy in need of help, this is no place for the timid.

It is time to leave the Colonies and take the fight to the Machines. New ground. New world. New dangers.

Will fortune favor the bold one last time?

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